Wednesday, 17 February 2016

postcards from Florence

Oh, my, it seems as it was a lifetime ago when I was back in Florence just more than a month ago. I do lack a little motivation now and then to sit down and write these words but when I do it's almost impossible to stop.
I was also torn between making a classic blogpost and a little travel diary. I decided on the first one. But I'll include some aspects of the places where to eat, what to see, and again, where to eat. Because food is everything in Italy, no matter what region. So, here it starts...with Pitti Uomo 89.

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm here, btw, click click), then you may have seen that I collaborated with Circolo 1901 to promote their #EasyClassicAttitude contest where you had the chance to win an entrance ticket to Pitti Uomo 89 in Florence as well as a jacket from their Easy Classic Collection. Strangely as it turned out, I was one of the winners (:D) and got this incredibly light yet warm blazer. I lived in it almost through the whole Pitti experience and was very surprised how it protected me from cold while being very business-looking-like and feminine at the same time. I also had the pleasure to meet the people behind the brand and I was very, very amazed how nice and friendly they were. 

 This picture above (and below) was taken at the Museo Stibbert, which was a definite highlight for my boyfriend who is more than obsessed with all things medieval - pre medieval and so on. :D But the museum was a true gem, a must see to refresh your brain with some history and beauty. We had almost a private tour guide as it wasn't filled with people, just us two and one little family. It was incredibly cold inside so I was glad I had my Circolo 1901 jacket under the leather jacket. Besides the wonderful museum and the personal collection of Mr. Stibbert, the building was surrounded by a massive garden, so incredibly beautiful covered in sunshine rays. Maybe that's why my next post's photos are all taken there.. ;) 

The outfit photos will be posted after I finish gushing about Florence. :)
On the first evening I had no saying in what we're going to eat, my boyfriend was determined to get Fiorentina steak so why the hell not?! 

It may look smaller on the picture, but oh my, 1 kg of pure meat, truffle fries (because fashioooon), some salad and beer. Lots of beer. Since our little residence appartament was extremely centrally located, we walked everywhere and thanks to TripAdvisor, and a long lost friend, found the best places to eat, like this Trattoria Zà Zà. It was full of people even on a weekday but thanks to the awesome staff we got seated in a second. Service was perfect, the food even more. Even though truffle fries may be a little overrated but I had to try them! Oh, and look what the paper tablecloth says "abbiamo i clienti più belli del mondo" - "we have the most beautiful clients in the world". How can you NOT be happy after such a dinner and message? 

On the second evening we walked through the city for about a half an hour to get to a restaurant my boyfriend had especially selected to bring me to. Such a romantic, huh :) the cold didn't get in the way to admire the city by night with amazing architecture around every corner. After what seemed like a lifetime (thanks to me needing to stop every five steps to take a photo of this and that and also Snapchat), we arrived at Konnubio. And again we were extremely lucky because they took only reservations because, of course, the city was filled with important fashion and business people in that week and so were the restaurants, especially this one. But, after they kindly invited us to wait 5 minutes with Prosecco on the house, we regained our normal body temperature (did I say it was freezing cold that evening?) and after exactly five minutes we were seated. We were determined to get some pizza this time and it was the best decision ever. One of the best pizzas I've ever eaten, I was even sad that I finished it so quickly! However, we ordered two more glasses of Prosecco, some water and the two pizzas, but before, they brought us a really tasty vegetable soup to warm up. We didn't want to opt for dessert as we wanted to check out the ice cream shops (yeah it was cold but who cares) and ordered just coffee but they still brought some cookies and little pastries, again, on the house. I'm yet to experience a better service than this one. Oh, and did I mention that the owner waited our table? As a client, you feel more like a royalty there than just another client. A m a z i n g.

(oh and how cute is he?!)
In between these two amazing restaurants that we had the pleasure to enjoy, we also went to other places that were equally amazing. Although I do not have enough pictures of them, just check them out and if you're ever in Florence, you know where to go ;)
Both evenings we went to Mercato Centrale Firenze that reminded us a lot the Foodhallen in Amsterdam. Food, finger food, different Italian food and sweets all around the hall and in the center two bars. Great service, full of nice people, yummy beer and really good bruschetta. On the second evening we had a little surprise there - live music! Three Italian men armed with guitars and microphones sang every song there is in the world, even Britney Spears and everyone sang along. 
Definetely check MCF out when you're there, it's a must!

We also went, again after a couple of years when we first explored Florence, to I Due Fratellini, the best street food panini and wine you can get! You either choose from the menu or you order what you want in your panini. And besides that you have the best wines to choose from. We opted first only for an iced tea but with the second panini we got, we had to opt for Brunello di Montalcino. I'm absolutely not a wine fan, even less a red-wine fan, but hey, when in Tuscany ...

Besides that we, of course, went and got some gelato at Grom Gelateria, as suggested from a friend who enjoyed their gluten-free ice cream. I opted for just a simple cone and my boyfriend for an affogato. Ok, let's say it like it is - overpriced, strange names for casual flavours and not even a smile from the staff. Hmm. Maybe it was just a bad day, maybe that wasn't the same staff that our friend had encountered. Either way, the ice cream was good, the experience wasn't regrettable. 
But before Grom we wanted to taste the chocolate of Venchi, unfortunately they had issues with their chocolate machines so we had to choose another place to go to. But Venchi is also a must-see-try-taste!
ice cream for passion, chocolate for tradition

Thank you if you've beared with me through this whole article, I was so excited to have lived through it and having this platform to share it all! Next up ... my Pitti outfit, in a couple of days ;)



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