Saturday, 23 July 2016


Before you scroll down to see the other photos we shot of these incredible trousers I'm wearing, I'd appreciate if you would take the time and read what I have to say and feel free to express your thoughts and feelings on the subject. Just click on read more and keep on reading... 
I'll try not to bore you to death so I'll cover just one point I want to tackle. And it has to do with social media where we tend to spend a lot of our time so it is important to be really there with our head when reading, writing or posting anything, if it's a photo, it's caption, a tweet or a comment.

The first thing has to do with internet bullies, so to say. Everyday I see more and more headlines about body-shaming and about women who have responded amazingly to their bullies. But the fact that a thing like that exists, is just awful. The fact that people think it's OK to write under a girl's post how awful she looks, how she's too thin or too fat or photoshopped or not, is incredibly stupid. It doesn't matter if it's the picture perfect blogger, actress, singer or just a girl from your school. Literally, it's awful. Because those miserable people behind their screens don't think about consequences of their nasty comments and they don't care about what they've written and how it influences the woman, man, child who reads it under their tweet or photo. There are so many women being fat-skinny-pregnant-too fit-not enough fit-shamed that it's just ridiculous. Haven't you ever been outside and seen people? We all are different, with different body sizes, shapes, curves, no curves, whatever. As I've seen in the past years, my own body confidence has made a positive change, that is, I don't care so much about fitting in the standard size just because someone said that I must fit in that particular size. I don't care if that second scoop of ice cream will turn up in that cellulite party going on on my legs, I just don't care. But I would be lying if I said that it doesn't botter me fully. Of course, there are things I'm not happy with myself, things that I see in other women and not in my reflection in the mirror. But then I just stop and think how lucky I am to have what I have, to be the way I am, because everything can't get better but everything can get worse if you nurture the negative. I'm making baby steps towards a much higher self-confidence and I wish you do too. It's so important to be at least content with how you're made. Some things you can change and improve by doing simple things as going for a run or do some squats at home or just cut out some sugar and salt from your eating routine. But there are also things we can't change so easily from the comfort of our home/couch. And that's fine. Because perfection is a cruel mistress and you don't want her to be on your speed dial. Every-body is beautiful and stop the nonsense. Eat a pizza slice and sit your ass down.
OK, I'm going to stop here and I hope you made through this small whirlwind of a summary of my thoughts on the subject and I'd love if you'd leave a comment down here with your thoughts and feelings about this. 

Outfit details:
Top: J.D.Y. via ASOS
Trousers: ASOS
Crossbody bag: Tosca Blu
Shoes: from a boutique in IT, similar here


  1. Lovely look darling!