Monday, 19 September 2016

30 hours

So, by the title you can tell that Kanye's TLOP is on loop right now at this household. Ok, it's just me. Because nobody likes Kanye. But everbody loves him. How can you even manage that? To be hated because you're so loved? Well, whatever Kanye's magic is, it's working.
I remember I first heard some of his songs some years ago as a little teenager and never stopped. He's kind of always had a place in my playlists throughout the years. Probably it's because his songs are timeless, to say the least. He's the king, like, it's Kanye. Whatever sh*t or diamond he makes - it's gonna be the best sh*t or diamond out there. Music-wise. You might wonder right now, how come a white European girl can relate to Kanye West's mesmerizing lyrics and music, without being just another insta chick who says anything to be "hip" (do people still use this term?)? Well, my playlist and top artists would probably surprise you, because as much as I enjoy Katy Perry, The Pretty Reckless, The Weeknd etc., I also love Kanye. And Aesop Rock. And Sage Francis. And J-Dilla, Madvillain, MF DOOM and so on. And I think that these artists, which aren't constantly under the paparazzi flashes and on magazine covers, put much more realness in their music as Taylor Swift does. Not to diss Ms. Swift, but let's be real - her songs are pretty, catchy and fun but they could never relate to my mental state, inner thoughts and feelings. But that's also a very personal thing.
And for all the crazy stuff he's expressed, huh, well, some artists will never be understood because they can't express themselves like they've imagined, just like us - mortals, humans, normal people - sometimes can't. And then we get misunderstood, misinterpreted, looked weirdly at. But a person in a spotlight Kanye's, that person is gonna be on the newspapers (OK, on the Internet's first pages) for "Oh my God, what did he say again?". Until the music's good, I don't care if you want to run for president or date models only or shit-talk other celebrities. I'm there for the music, not for your dirty laundry.
However, we're all grown-ups now (kind of...), I think it's way past time putting each other into boxes depending solely what music you listen to. That was a selective and judgmental game when we were teenies. I hope that everyone who's going their own paths and think that they're too weird, not enough, not cool, not interesting, a wallflower, too much freckles, not enough make up - you have your music and in ways you cannot immagine, it will guide you through whatever you're going or not going through and you shouldn't feel bad or ashamed because you listen to Iggy Azalea and the person next to you listens to Led Zeppelin. It doesn't matter, remember that.

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