Friday, 14 October 2016

aging gracefully isn't going to be easy

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I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately, I guess, mainly due to fashion. You see I know that some of the styles of clothing I love, I won’t be able to wear forever. Society dictates that when you reach a certain age you can’t wear the short skirts, the crop tops, and the tight jeans. I’m nowhere near that age yet, but one day I will be. At that point, I feel sure, I’m going to do my best to look as young as possible. I love my youth and I’m trying to make the most of it. I don’t think that’s suddenly going to stop when I reach thirty. However, lately, I’ve noticed quite a lot of backlash against people who aren’t aging gracefully. Those who want to dye their hair, get cosmetic surgery or try weight loss fads. My question is this. Should we feel guilty about wanting to stay looking young, no matter what that means? I don’t think so. 

We’re Held Up To Unfairly High Standards
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I think it’s true to say that women are held up to ridiculously high standards when it comes to age. If we don’t keep our looks, they say we’ve let ourselves go. Men seem to get away with showing signs of age far more easily. No one has ever managed to convincingly claim George Clooney isn’t attractive because he has gray hair. But what if Cameron Diaz suddenly revealed her natural color wasn’t blonde at all? Would she still be cast in the multiple movie roles that she gets each year? And let's not forget that we’re held up to the same high standards as celebs. When you see people in their fifties on TV who look thirty, you expect the same when you get old. It doesn’t always happen, and that’s why it’s understandable we look for the fix. Whether that’s the hair dye or the surgery. 

The Options Are Available

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It’s not like there are no options to reverse the clocks, there are plenty. An ultherapy face lifting technique will diminish the wrinkles on your skin and decrease the signs of age. Or, you can use one of the countless creams that are currently on the market to make your skin more youthful. If the options are there and science is providing them, why shouldn’t we use them? Obviously, some people take it too far with extensive plastic surgery but again, it’s understandable. Society dictates that youth and beauty are interchangeable. We all want to feel beautiful. 

Is It Vain?

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No, it’s human nature. People who get surgery don’t think that beauty is skin deep. They often have no regard for how other people look. They just want to feel good about their reflection in the mirror and what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, if it helps them gain the confidence, they need to be happy. Obviously, we shouldn’t be obsessed with the conventional idea of beauty, but it’s difficult to ignore it. Particularly when it’s everywhere, you look. If you’re watching a movie or reading a magazine, you’ll see perceptions of beauty and they are hardly ever someone who looks old. 
So, if you are thinking about getting beauty treatment to look younger, don’t be ashamed. You have every right to seek out whatever makes this world just a little more pleasant for you. Even if that is making decisions that other people equate with vanity. You do you and you'll be fine!


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