Wednesday, 12 October 2016

haute looks

The title says it all - it's all about haute looks in this blog post!
You've definitely seen around on the Internet a lot of collages like this one and the ones that will follow. And you, fashion enthusiasts, have probably wondered how to achieve a collage like this without having to settle with Paint or a Web Program that covers your end result with a big, unwanted logo, which quite frankly ruins the whole thing (I'm talking to those, who just like me, are a little bit behind all the Photoshop madness skills. And if you should know of any easy-to-use tools that come in handy in the blogging sphere, let me know!).

Here comes in game. They do not only bring you the latest haute (and hot!) fashion trends and classic pieces, but they offer some great options for their customers. After you've signed up, you can easily create your own haute couture looks with their astoundingly easy-to-master look creator. With each created, published and shared look, you'll gain points that will benefit your future shopping needs on their website. So, besides shopping and all, you can also have fun by getting creative! It's a little hard to imagine a better way to unite expressing your creativeness and satisfying your high end fashion needs and wants. Or, just enjoy the fashion game and treat your eyes to some incredible pieces ;) 

I've created 4 looks so far (including the first collage of this post) and I bet I'll create some more, it's so addictive! So here are my  looks...

Spice up your gray!

 Casual couture

 Pretty in blush

And the very best part of making these collages is that it automatically provides you with the exact product link and price, so you don't have to stress-search through the whole website or search for similar products anywhere else. It's all there

I hope you enjoyed my first looks with and keep your eyes peeled for some more inspiration. Now, go and have fun yourself! :)



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