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On the surface, the themes of personal style and fashion seem to go hand-in-hand. Fashion influences personal style, shaping and moulding it for the new season and bringing new looks. So there is no complicated marriage here - they are two sides of the same coin, aren't they?

Not quite.

Personal Style Should Be Your Focus

Fashion changes, morphs and switches itself - sometimes unrecognisable from one season to the next. Following it in a dedicated way can mean a constant stream of new items needed, which is first and foremost, very expensive.

It's also not practical. We tend to buy clothes and accessories because we love them, and our love for them does not expire as quickly as their on-trend status. The idea that you have to give up something you still love, just because it's "so last season is ridiculous.

Personal style is about knowing what suits you. You understand your body, your skin tone, the accessories that complement your figure. That doesn't mean you can't follow fashion, but that your personal style rises above it.

When Style Clashes With Fashion

 Say, for example, you have decided that your personal style is retro-inspired. We're talking big circle skirts, cat eye glasses and sleek cuts. Then you are faced with a trend-of-the-day involving sharp, mod-inspired lines.

The two just don't mesh; your wardrobe can quickly begin to resemble a complete disaster of competing styles. The way to blend them together is by focusing on accessories and simple additions, without losing the core of your personal image.

Personal Style Is You; Fashion Is Everyone

If you're concerned about the risk of being deemed unfashionable, it's important to remember what counts. Personal style is all about you as a person. It's the things that you like, that you know suit you, that you feel good in.

Fashion is targeted to the masses. It tells you to wear things that don't necessarily look right, just because some magazine editors said so. When it comes down to a choice between personal style and strictly adhering to fashion, the area that is tailored to you is what wins.

It's Not Just About Clothes

Your sense of self and the things that work for you go with everything. From the handbag you carry to something as personal as a Verragio engagement rings, keep it as a priority at all times. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't twist things occasionally if something crops up in fashion that you can't resist.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

With all of the above said, sometimes, you're going to have your eye caught by something that doesn't fit your usual style. It might be some disposable piece of modern fashion or a vintage print you just can't resist. In those instances, go with it! You're not changing your entire style every season, just keeping up-to-date with modern trends. The whole point of embracing personal style over fashion is that it gives you the choice, not fashion editors. So if occasionally you want to break your own rules, then go for it.



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