Thursday, 17 November 2016

know your skin: a path to a skincare routine that works

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K-beauty has become a huge business in recent years. Korean’s are taught from a young age to care for their skin. Most of us follow a two-step beauty process. The average Korean follows ten steps or more to get their skin looking gorgeous. And it seems to work! It’s no wonder, then, that we’re all jumping on this latest trend. In the quest to keep your skin looking beautiful, any amount of effort seems worthwhile. If you’re willing to put in that effort, a k-beauty skin routine might be the perfect thing to WOW everyone you know. 

So, what do the Koreans do differently? The trick is knowing what will work for your skin. Korean beauticians seem to have a much better idea of how to care for skin in the best ways. That’s no surprise when you consider how early you learn beauty in Korea! A lot of the mistakes we make are because we don’t start caring for our skin soon enough. It can often seem fruitless to care for our skin when things have already gone wrong. So, what does this mean? Should we start teaching our children about skincare so young? Possibly not, but we can take some tips from the k-beauty handbook. Shop for Korean beauty products today and see if you notice the difference. Alternatively, taking some tips from Korean beauty experts could help you. Here’s a look at some skincare tips that could make all the difference.


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Korean beauty experts state the importance of keeping hydrated. They also acknowledge that this isn’t enough to keep your skin beautiful. There are many moisturizing products on the Korean market, and for a good reason! There’s nothing quite like a thorough moisturization routine to give you a healthy glow. It’s not just moisturisation that you can turn to, either. Korean’s also incorporate products such as hydration essences and serums. Getting to grips with the products available will show you just how many options you have!


K-beauty experts also appreciate the importance of cleansing. Most Korean beauty regimes encourage double-cleansing to rid your skin of impurities. A harsh cleanser is advised for the first cleanse. That way, you can draw out all the impurities. Then, a more gentle cleanser is recommended to remove the impurities drawn out on the first go. It makes sense. Drawing out impurities won’t do any good if they’re still on your skin.


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There are some fantastical k-beauty products available, but the key to the Korean beauty regime is knowing your skin. Being aware of what skin type you are makes sense, as it will help you develop a skin care routine that works. If you have oily skin, you should be looking for products designed for your skin type. Using a water based product on oily skin, for example, won’t do any good at all. It may be worth going visiting a beautician, who can send you on the right skin journey!

My personal favourite, although I'm not a beauty guru or anything, are the Tony Moly sheet masks. I first tried one when I was in New York and I brought some home. They're affordable, fun and packed with everything your skin needs.  I know that's no Clarins or whatever, but it's a start for your skin!



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