Tuesday, 22 November 2016

make your make-up work for you

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We’ve already looked at developing a skincare routine that works for you. The quest for beauty doesn’t end there! Once you’ve got your skincare routine under control, turn your attention to make-up. This may seem like a lot to consider, but beauty never came easy! Having your skin under control will make getting the perfect make-up routine easier. Even the best make-up can be a challenge to apply on uncared for skin. You’ll need to put work in to get your make-up game up to scratch. Here are a few things worth considering. 


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The makeup world can be a confusing one to get your head around. With foundations, highlighters and much more, it can be hard to know which products to use. Then you have to consider which brands, too! Finding the right makeup will make all the difference for perfecting your routine. It’s crucial you take the time to find products that work for you. This may mean trying a few out before settling on the right one, but it’s worth the expense. You’ll have to decide whether to use a pencil or liquid eyeliner. You’ll also have to decide whether to use liquid or powder foundation. Some people prefer to use both. Sites like thankyourbeauty.com can be a great help in getting to grips with what’s available. 


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Once you’ve decided on brands and type, it’s time to get to work deciding on a makeup style that works for you. Maybe you want to keep things minimal, and just wear a small amount of foundation and eyeliner. Or, you might want to go all out and wear a heavier eye with a liquid liner. Have fun with this and try out a few different looks before you settle on one. Don’t think you need to stick to just one look, either. Most of us have a go-to makeup style, but mixing things up every few years can be an invigorating change. There are many makeup channels on youtube.com that can show you how beauty gurus do their makeup. Take your inspiration from other people’s styles and come up with your own take. 


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Getting to grips with your new makeup also means getting to grips with taking it off. Each makeup is different to remove. It’s worth getting to grips with the makeup removal options available to you. If you’re using a liquid liner as opposed to pencil, you’re going to need a more heavy duty makeup removal. There are many makeup removal products on the market. It’s worth keeping your new found skin knowledge in mind when you shop. Buy removal products that suit your skin type. Makeup wipes are a convenient choice, but may not be the best for you. Cream removers are a lot more gentle on your skin. Another option is micellar water, which has been growing in popularity in recent years! Again, try a few types to see which works for you.



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