Friday, 4 November 2016

shine like a star this Christmas with these festive hair tips

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December is only one month away, and that can mean only one thing. The festive season is almost upon us! So you should expect to get all your Christmas party invitations pretty soon. If you want to make sure you get plenty of attention at this year’s festive functions and parties, you will need some extra special hair. Get your hair right, and you will certainly shine bright like a star! So if you want some awesome locks this December, be sure to use these expert tips and tricks!

Conditioner Is Your Bestie
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The winter weather is not very good for our hair. All that dry air can cause hair to lose a lot of moisture, which can result in it damaging a lot easier than in summer. That means you might notice a lot more split ends! However, there is a way to prevent this from happening. You just need to make sure you’re using plenty of conditioner on your hair when you wash it. Using coconut oil as a hair mask every two weeks will also greatly help. 

Practice Styling

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Do you want a sleek ‘do this Christmas season? Or maybe you like the idea of curling your locks? Whichever look you decide on, you should spend some time getting it just right. You might want to play around with a few different styling products to make sure you find one that doesn’t make your hair too greasy. It is also important to find a styling appliance that suits your hair. You can use online review sites such as Hair Straightener Studio to help guide your decision. One reason why you should practice your style is to help you get quicker at it. As many Christmas parties are midweek, you may not have long to get your party look ready after work. Being able to quickly style your hair will save you a lot of time!

Always Accessorize
Hair is always glamorous and glitzy around Christmas time. And one of the best ways of achieving this is by accessorizing. Some hair accessories can even help you transform a daytime look into a fabulous evening look. For instance, if you have had your hair up in a bun for work, add some glittery clips or spray in some glitter. These will give you a glam look, perfect for a Christmas dance floor! Vintage is a very big look this year, and you can make your hair look super vintage by adding some netted or lace veils.

Have fun with your best accessory, your hair, and shine through the party crowd!



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