Tuesday, 1 November 2016

wonderful winter outfits for the seasonal chill

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Just one more month and we will officially have entered the winter season. This is great news for lovers of style because it gives you an opportunity to experiment with an entirely new wardrobe. You should also consider winter clothing a wonderful gift idea. After all, it’s something that they need in the chilly season and it will look stunning. So, what type of gorgeous, stylish, accessories am I talking about today? Well, let’s look at a few and see how you can reinvent your wardrobe this season. 

Did Someone Say Boots? 

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Whenever winter rolls around, I always look into getting a new pair of boots. I already own one too many pairs, but every year brings us new trends that we want to try out. But there's a rule I always follow, when buying winter shoes and clothing - it has to be of a good, really good quality. Winter is the only time of the year when I don't cringe at the prices of clothes, because, hey, they keep you warm in the coldest and longest months of the year. Investing more than 20 bucks in a good pair of boots will pay off big time! 

Winter Wonderland Headband 
In winter fashion becomes fluffy, and I don’t have any problem with that. I love it, and actually, I embrace it. In fact, I was recently looking at unusual gifts for her from Cuckooland.com and came across a stunning winter headband. It’s very 70’s ski party chic, and I love the way it looks. But my all time favourite still remains the one my grandma made for me. If you're not into buying every new accesory trend there is, then turn to DIY, or your grandma. :)

Choosing a new coat

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Do you want suede, cotton, sheepskin or wool? You have plenty of options to choose from when picking your new winter coat. I’ve been looking around the fashion blogs, and it seems like large collars are back in style this year. One specific coat caught my eye and I've noticed it's been on trend thanks to Gossip Girl - shearling jackets and coats. I already own one but I'll consider getting another one...

A Wee Bit Of Plaid 

What else is in style this winter? Well according to Elle, plaid is back in, and I love the way it looks. The quiet minimalist design is something that will add a lot of class to your wardrobe. Plaid isn’t bold, but it will make your winter style stand out on the streets and will look great with your winter boots. 

Bodysuits Rather Than Sweaters

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Last but not least, I bet you’re thinking about buying some extra layers before it starts to snow. Well, how about buying some thick, stylish bodysuits rather than just jumpers. These will keep your body warm and the way they hug your form looks great. With the right coat, you’ll look like you're ready to head to a winter fashion show rather than uni or the office. You can find more winter fashion fun at vogue.co.uk.

Have fun updating your style this winter, I know I will!




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