Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tips and Tricks For Getting Some Pinterest-Worthy Braids

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Whether you are new to styling your hair in a certain way or have been doing it for years, there are always a few tips and tricks that you can try to make your hairstyles look even better. We’ve all been browsing Pinterest and seen those fancy braided styles that we are just dying to recreate, right? But sadly, they don’t always end up looking as good as we would like them to. So if you fancy taking up you braiding and hairstyling to the next level, why not try out these tips? You’ll be the one with Pinterest-worthy hair before you know it!

 Sleep In Your Braids

If you have been rocking some milkmaid braids all day, it can be tempting to just take them out before heading to bed. But unless your hair needs to be washed that evening, leave them in overnight. Then when you wake up and undo the plaits, you’ll find that you have some good looking beachy waves in your hair. Two hairstyles in one!

 Fake the Thickness of Your Hair

The thing about the pictures that we see on Pinterest is that they often aren’t just someone who ‘woke up like this.’ They are quite often styled with extensions to thicken out their hair. There aren’t many people that have super thick hair when it is all straightened out; even if it is long hair. So think about getting some clip in extensions that you could use. You can look for extensions and wig supplies online if you’re not sure where sells them nearby to you. Clip in ones don’t damage your hair like glued in ones would. Plus, you can just take them out when you’re not rocking a thick braided style. If you’d rather not go down that route, then a texturising spray or a sea salt spray can help your hair feel a little thicker. Even something like dry shampoo can work wonders when it comes to styling your hair.

 Tease Out the Braid

When you have done the braid as you like it, the finish can be a bit too neat and pristine. For a look that is a little messier and makes your hair look thicker, tease out each section of the braids. Starting at the bottom, gently tug on each section until you get right up to the top. It will make such a difference to how thick your braid looks, as well as softening the look of the whole style.

 Use Thin Elastic Bands

When doing the hairstyle, you might need several hair elastic bands to secure your hair. They might need to stay in place the whole time. But if you just need them to hold something for a short time, they can just be cut right off. Thin hair elastics can be bought in huge quantities, and they are really cheap. So if you need to chop them out or you snap quite a few of them, then it won’t matter. So make sure that you stock up. 



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