Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fill Your Summer Break With Amazing Experiences

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 It always feels like a long summer break when you finish college at the end of the semester. After all, you have potentially three months to kill before you study again. And while some students enjoy just relaxing, others get restless during the long break. And it’s worth making the most of the time you are away from college. After all, you are unlikely to get such a long time off again in your life once you get a job! Therefore, here are some amazing experiences you should consider doing during your summer break.

Go traveling around Europe’s cities

While you might live in Europe, it’s unlikely that you have seen all the different places that the continent has to offer. Therefore, if you do feel like city hopping, it’s actually quite easy to get around Europe. For one thing, you can use the Eurorail to get from city to city. In fact, there are a lot of trains which can take you to places like Italy and Switzerland within a few hours. And you can pay out for one pass which will get you around the cities over a given period such as 30 days. While you are traveling, there are plenty of hostels in the cities that you can stay at. In fact, look on for some cheap hostels that you can stay in. And remember to make a plan before you travel. That way, you can see the most of what places like London, Paris, and Florence have to offer!

Go work at a camp in America

You might be surprised how many people go to one of the many camps in America during their summer break. After all, they can help the kids out with a number of activities. And then once the working weeks are up, you can go traveling around the country. In fact, you can organise a road trip which will ensure you get to see everything the USA has to offer. And rather than having to go on your own, other camp workers are bound to join you to go see all the amazing places in the USA. Remember that you will need some form of visa if you are hoping to stay in the country for a number of weeks. In fact, you can look on sites like to help you get an ESTA visa which will last you for up to 90 days. And remember that you need to apply to work in the camps early!

Go volunteer to help animals in Africa

If you are an animal lover and want nothing else in your life than help them (like me), you should consider going to help them out during your time off. After all, there are a lot of sanctuaries around the world who require assistance. And if you go somewhere amazing like Africa (but not necessarily, animal shelters all over the world and in your local zone are always looking for a helping hand), you can work with a whole range of amazing animals. As well as being able to provide support to the animals, you can also check out what else the country has to offer. And it will be a trip of a lifetime you will never forget.

And despite the hot weather, a lot of the ski resorts still need help during the summer. You can work in the hotel or even become a ski instructor to make the most of the summer months!

Lastly, the best advice I can give you - everything you do, do it with love. Whether it's helping a kid in school, going for a walk with a shelter dog or just travelling, make sure to make it all worthwhile. 



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