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how to keep your tech on the low-low while on vacay

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Holidays are a fantastic opportunity to get out into the world, experience new things, forge the kind of memories which will withstand the test of time, and just generally have a great time and forget all about your everyday concerns.

But is a holiday really such a refreshing and relaxing experience if we stay hooked into our gadgets and digital lives while away from home? Do you really need to pack that stunning range of electric heated towel rails for the road?

Could it be that there might be some benefits to taking a break from the tech and trying out a more analogue approach to your vacation?

If you think so, here are a few ideas for low-tech things you can do on your holiday

Keep a vacation journal

One of the main reasons why people end up obsessively photographing everything around them while travelling, is to preserve the exciting memories of the trip for later.
The simple truth is that no matter how sharp-minded you are, there will always be things that you forget — ranging from relatively large experiences, to small, funny anecdotes which could later bring a smile to your face.
One way to capture these memories, aside from photography, is to keep a vacation journal and update it every day you’re on holiday.
These updates don’t need to be huge or grandiose. A simple paragraph an evening can leave you with all kinds of interesting, heartwarming, and fun reminders to look back on in years to come — not to mention potentially being interesting for friends and relatives down the line.

Take some books for evening reading

If you’re anything like the average person, it’s quite likely that you don’t find yourself with much time to settle down and catch up your reading during the normal working week.

That’s a pretty terrible shame for a wide range of reasons, including, primarily, the fact that reading is a great way of stilling the mind, activating the imagination, and allowing us to get in-depth perspectives on different topics which might be hard to come by from browsing the web.

Whether your interests are novels details epic adventures and romances, or non-fiction works giving complex theories on history and politics, taking some books with you on your vacation is a brilliant idea. Set yourself the goal of reading at least a few pages a night before bed, and be reminded of how nice it feels.

Play some board games

While this is something my boyfriend and I love on a daily basis, there's no vacation without some sort of a board game!

If you’re travelling with friends or family, one of the best ways of spending an unexpectedly rainy afternoon, or an evening after a busy day of sightseeing, is to play a board game.

Board games such as The Settlers of Catan is not only fun in its own right, it also creates a sense of fun competition, allow competition and jokes to flow more easily, and make all the different players feel closer as a result.

You can make things even more interesting by setting a leader’s board for the trip, or “betting” small delicacies like chocolates on the outcome of a game.

Or just whip out the good ol' playing cards and ask us for some easy peasy games ;)



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