Tuesday, 28 November 2017

3 Things To Remember When Planning A Home Extension

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Building an expansion onto your house is a popular way to increase the amount of space and number of rooms your home has and increase the property's value. If you get the expansion right and everything works out well, then it will be a win-win scenario. However, there are certain elements that should be considered before you dive right into having an extension built on your house. Here are some tips for what you will need to do when planning your extension.

Planning Permission

This cannot be overstated. You need planning permission. If you start building without this, then the full weight of the law will come hurtling down on you. You need to check whether you have a legal right to build where you want to and how it will affect your neighbors. This will all be part of gaining planning permission. You need to remember it is more than just the local government's approval you need, but also those who live around you.  What you can and can’t do regarding an extension will also depend on the type of house you own, and you will need to seek advice on what the legal requirements and limitations apply to your specific house and extension. Before you start to build, hire builders or do anything at all, make sure that you are legally allowed (and that your neighbors aren’t going to try and block you). Failing to do this could mean that you end up losing money, being taken to court or just wasting your time.

Building Supplies

When it does come time to build your extension, you will need building supplies. You could let the builder provide everything, but the risk there is that they can charge inflated prices and there isn’t a lot of transparency regarding costs and time scale. Instead, you might want to get the building supplies yourself and provide them to your builder. There are a lot of different companies that you can contact and deal with such as George Hill Timber who can provide all the necessary supplies you might need. You will need to make sure that you order the correct amount as too much and you’ll have resources going to waste and not enough and it can cause you to miss your timescales and wind up costing you more money. This is why it is important to have a plan drawn up by a professional on what the extension needs to be completed.

Make It Part Of Your House

A lot of people forget this part when building an extension. They just plonk it onto the back of the house and forget that it is actually part of their home. This results in it looking garish and not being all that useful. Instead, you want to make it part of the house, and this means both practically and aesthetically. By doing so, it will be a much more useful space, and it will further increase your home's value. When done properly an extension should feel like a natural extension of the house and not something added without thought.



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