Thursday, 30 November 2017

6 Main Types of Blog Post

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The best blogs vary the type of content that they upload to their pages to keep their regular readers interested and attract new ones wherever possible. Here, we will look a little closer at six of the main types of post out there. If you run your own blog or website of any kind, these are all types that you can utilise for yourself.

The News

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People like to keep up with the news, so posts which directly engage with current stories are common. You could either provide some commentary on the news or look for ways that you can link it back to your products or services. News posts have the advantage of showing that you have your finger on the pulse and are dedicated to keeping up with the news. However, they do tend to age a lot faster than some of the others we will mention.

Instructional Posts

People look to blogs to provide them with useful information for their everyday lives which is why instructional posts are so popular. They can either take the form of a step by step or ‘how to’ guide or else they can be general informational articles. These serve to establish you as an authority in your field and get people coming back to you time and time again.

Personal Stories

Rather than just being abstract posts that could apply to anyone, personal stories engage with readers on a more emotional level. They show your human side, which serves to make you more relatable and people can empathise with some of the things you have been through. However, you don’t want to overuse these posts as this may put readers off.

List Posts

This blog fits under the list post category which essentially refers to anything that starts with ‘the top 5...’ or ‘10 ways to…’ The great thing about these posts is that the information found within is easily digestible and they remain highly popular. Again, you don’t want to overuse them and risk boring your readers.

Media Blogs

There is an increasing demand for visual-based posts such as infographics, high quality images, and short videos. So, you need to be adept at producing all these different forms of content. Take a look at Training Connections Premiere Pro classes if you need a helping hand in this area. It is a good idea to accompany your visual content with a few lines of text, but this is what should take priority.

Entertainment Posts

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The final type that we are going to discuss is entertainment posts which tend to be light-hearted and designed to provide amusement. This type of content tends to have a much higher chance of being shared on social media. Ideally, you should be linking this back to make a wider point to your audience but entertainment is the main function.

The best blogs chop and change between these six styles, so challenge yourself to use all of them on your page.     



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