Friday, 17 November 2017

Essential Tips For Learning A New Language

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Learning a new language can be a great skill which widens our knowledge, allows us to get ahead at work- and also means that when we visit a foreign country we know how to order a glass of wine. If you are looking to learn a new language in order to increase your career prospects and enhance your life, then here are some helpful tips you can put to use.

Learn Online

If you like nothing more at the end of the day to surf the web looking for clothes, things for the house or even doing your grocery shopping- use this time to also learn a language. You can change your language setting on Google Chrome and use it to do something called language immersion. This means that as you surf the web reading what you normally would, chrome will translate some of the web page to encourage you to familiarise yourself with the language you look to learn. If you are looking at food, this can be helpful because you’ll have photos to reference from as well.

Change Your Device Language Settings

If you spend a lot of time every day on your phone or laptop, chances are you are already familiar with the layout and you could navigate your way around even if there weren’t any words at all. You can change your language settings on your mobile device so that it displays your target language- meaning that as you use your phone you are also getting a language lesson without even thinking about it.

Foreign Language Coaching
If you feel like you need some outside help in learning a language, site such as are brilliant tools to help you find a tutor in your area who can guide you in learning a language. They will be able to set you tasks and test you on your knowledge so that you come to understand the language much better and faster than if you were to go it alone.

Download a Free Language Audiobook

If you find that looking at the words you need to learn and listening to them on a tape isn’t working for you- instead download a free audiobook from a site such as Open Culture. It will mean that you can sit back and relax, while the language ingrains itself in your mind. It has been proven that listening to things like this in your sleep can help you retain the information for much longer.

Learn Through Entertainment

There are tonnes of foreign TV shows, music and entertainment which you can listen to and watch if you find that sitting at a desk and writing down words just isn’t working for you. Think about what kind of things you enjoy watching, and find a foreign version. You could even watch a film you know well in a different language- a fun way to do this would be to look at Disney films which you know the songs to, because other countries have their own versions of the songs. 



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