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Planning an Unforgettable Wedding

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So, you’ve done it, you’ve decided to take your relationship to another level and get engaged to your life partner. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, now it’s time to get to work in planning your wedding ceremony and all the fanfare that leads up to it. And, if you want all of this to be memorable to not only you and your partner, but to every single person involved with or invited to your wedding, then you’re going to have to start putting unforgettable plans in place. For advice on what you can do to make your wedding, and everything that leads to it, live long in the memory of your guests then make sure to read on.

Stick by a theme throughout

By sticking to a theme throughout the process of your wedding, from announcing the date all the way to the big day itself, your wedding will live long in the memory. It will live long in the memory because your wedding will always be ‘that’ one that did ‘that’ certain things.

For instance, weddings that take place near a public holiday or a time of the year recognised by all, such as Christmas or Halloween, more often than not tap into that particular period of time; imagine a wedding that takes place on Halloween, for example, being decorated with all things spooky (and making plenty of references to Jack Skeleton in its decor). By styling your wedding in this specific way and theme, your wedding will always be the one that did it, and will thus stand out in the memory of your guests.

Or, this theme could be based around something as simple as a colour. Yes, by, say, theming your wedding around the colour blue, your wedding could go down in history as ‘The Blue Wedding’. To achieve this, you would have to do everything from sending out blue wedding invitations to decorating your wedding venue in different shades of blue to choosing blue flowers for the bouquet to even getting yourself a blue dress! If you do decide to go for a specifically coloured themed wedding, however, just hope it doesn’t turn out as badly as the Red and Purple Weddings in Game of Thrones!

Do something unique in your ceremony

Not all wedding ceremonies have to include the bog standard (but still special) exchanging of vows, putting on of rings and the ceremonial kiss. No, wedding ceremonies can be made to be far more unique, and when they are they stick out in the memory.

This uniqueness can come from pretty much anywhere and go in any direction, as long as it resembles two becoming one. For instance, there is a growing trend in the world of wedding ceremonies known as a wine wedding ceremony. Yep, all you wine lovers out there can actually have your favourite tipple play a massive part in your ceremony when you and your other half pour two different types of wine (probably white and red) into one contained, and then both take turns drinking from said contained. By doing so you will be resembling the fact that you have both poured your love and your heart into one another and that you are now drinking out of the same cup in life. And, by doing so, your wedding will always stick out to your guests as being ‘the one with the wine’.

For those of you who aren't big wine drinkers, however, there are other ceremonies that you can opt for that involve a metaphorical symbol of two becoming one. For instance, you and the other half could opt for a tree planting ceremony, instead. What this would involve, quite simply, is you and your other half planting a tree during your vow exchanging in order to show that you now have one life together that will continue to grow and grow. Of course, this would mean your ceremony would have to take place outside, but that itself could make your wedding live long in the memory.

Fly abroad

By jet setting across the world in order to wed, your wedding would instantly always be remember as ‘that one that took place in that certain place’. What’s more, your wedding will feel like a vacation to those that jet out with you in order to attend it, and that will make it memorable for them also.

And, when it comes to getting married abroad, look no further than Italy’s weddinghotspots. Here, you will find a plethora of perfect wedding locations, such as the picturesque coast town of Sorrento.

Your wedding will, of course, live in yours and your other half’s memory forever more. And, you can make sure your wedding is just as memorable for those that attend it by following the advice above.

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