Friday, 17 November 2017

Will Your Dining Room Survive Christmas?

The turkey, roasted and plump and surrounded by crispy potatoes, then smothered in gravy, that is what Christmas is all about right? However to enjoy the finest meal of the year you need to have a  comfortable and sophisticated place where you and all your friends and family can get together. In short, you need a decent dining room, and as it's getting close to the festive season, you may just be wondering whether yours will measure up and survive the festive test that lays ahead of it. Just keep reading to find out.

Enough Space

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself about your dining room is whether there's enough space to fit everyone in for your festive get-togethers. This is so vital because if you don't have enough space for the furniture and all the people you have invited, it can be disastrous. This is because you will either have to squash in like sardines and be uncomfortable or, uninvite some guests. Something that is truly awkward!

Of course, there is another option, and that is to move your festive celebration to another room like the lounge where there is more space. However, if you do this, it may be easier to serve a buffet instead of the traditional roast, a choice that may not be popular with all the guests!

The Table

Another factor in assessing whether your dining room with survive the Christmas period is the size and condition of your table. An unstable old table, with a bit of cardboard wedged under one leg to stop it wobbling, is not going to work. One that is only big enough for two or three people just isn't going to do either if you have the whole family coming to dinner.

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You’ll need a solid table to support the weight of your Christmas turkey. ;)

Luckily purchasing a new table from companies like Corndell furniture can easily and quickly resolve this issue. Such tables are solid wood so, they are sturdy enough to support even the biggest turkey, as well as look the part. You can even get matching accessories like mirrors to go with them. A piece that is great for making a smaller room look a lot larger, and so something that could work in your favour if you are expecting a big Christmas crowd.

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The Chairs

Now, it's all very well having a marvellous table to eat from in your dining room, but you will also need to ensure that you have enough chairs to go around as well. After all, no one wants to have to sit crossed legged to eat the most important meal of the year!

Of course, you will have the seats that match your dining table to start with but don't stress too much if the other chairs you use don't match, as for this one day you can use whatever you can find. If this offends your sensibilities, then you can even get festively themed chair covers to put over them. Something that will ensure they all look as tidy as possible for the big day and will help your dining room survive Christmas in festive style. 

Hope this helps!


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