Monday, 25 December 2017

Ensure That Your Home Is Where Your Heart Is

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There’s nothing more calming than heading back home after a particularly tough day at work to unwind and relax in your place of refuge. Your home should be a haven of personal tranquility; a place for you to de-stress and leave all the tension of the working day firmly at the front door. Your property shouldn’t just be bricks and mortar and cement, it should be a home conducive to your positive wellbeing. Take a look at how you can turn your pad from a mere dwelling to the home where your heart is.

The Bathroom

The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses remains true today. Even though you’re not looking to put your house on the market, you want your bathroom to be a luxurious spa-like affair. Opt for a sunken bath, a boutique tiled look and a separate double shower complete with rain head attachment. Soften the lighting, light some candles and run a bubble bath. The thought of getting home and having a long hot soak in your bathtub should be enough to get you through the tedious meeting with your annoying boss.

The Bedroom

Entirely subjective, your bedroom may be a boudoir-like area complete with a wealth of soft furnishings, fabrics, cushions and bold colors. On the other hand, you may prefer a more minimalist Scandinavian retro look. White walls, retro furniture and wooden floorboards would be very much the order of the day. Whatever environment it is that gets you relaxed and helps you to sleep, you should always consider purchasing the best furnishings you can, a comfy mattress and the most luxurious bed frame your budget will afford. The luxury pillows from Richard Haworth are ideal, made from the finest cotton with their goose down fillings and hypoallergenic material.

The Garden

It’s a well-known fact that natural light and the outdoors are conducive to the human condition. Sunlight promotes the production of much-needed Vitamin D and the happy hormone. Turn your mundane and boring backyard into a stunning outdoor haven. Add some greenery, perhaps install a water feature and create some zones. Even in a small area, you can make a seating area for al fresco dining, and hook up a hammock for when you want to head outside to read a book with a glass of wine.


The general aura that you create in your home can make or break your mood. With vintage orange-hued lighting alongside dimmer switches, spotlights and lamps, you can alter the ambience of your home with ease. By keeping the lighting subtle and the furnishings simple and muted, your environment remains consistently calm and relaxing.

Make sure that your home is more than a pile of bricks and mortar. It needs to be a space that helps you maintain your personal wellbeing, your sound mental state and your ability to destress easily. It should be your refuge, your sanctuary and the one place where you can feel totally relaxed. Make your property a dwelling, an aspirational area and the home where your heart is.



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