Tuesday, 19 December 2017

From The Gym To Work In Five Simple Beauty Steps

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Just because Christmas is around the corner doesn’t mean we can slack off exercise-wise. If anything, it means us guys and girls have to work harder so we can enjoy the festive period a little more. Going to the gym in the morning is without a doubt the greatest workout hack at a person’s disposal, yet it does come with a caveat for women. Come on; how are ladies supposed to pump iron and dress to impress afterwards?

Here are a few tips to help solve the conundrum.

Don’t Shower

Ewwww, right? Yep, the idea of not showering after a workout session seems disgusting, but it saves valuable time. And, it is possible to smell fresh and absorb excess moisture without drenching oneself in water. The key is baby powder as the dust soaks up the sweat in shoes, under armpits, and anywhere else a girl perspires. Along with a can of antiperspirant, no one will know you’ve spent the morning making room for tonight’s gourmet dinner.

Don’t Wash Your Hair

If a shower is a must, avoid getting your hair wet. For one thing, it takes ages to brush out the knots and curls and get it straight. For another, no matter how it looks, it always feels stupid because you have to rush and don’t have the time to be meticulous. Don’t worry if your hairdo seems greasy because dry shampoo is on hand to add freshness and volume.

Pack A Change Of Clothes

Sounds obvious, and it is, but it’s amazing what slips through the mind in the morning. One minute you’re on a busy subway ride to the gym, and the next you realize you don’t have a spare outfit. Sadly, that is a wasted journey because no one wants to go into the office in sweaty, post-gym gear. For the sweaters out there, avoid changing straight after the gym. Instead, get into work, chill out for a moment, and let the body cool before slipping into professional mode.

Refresh Your Face

Some women like to wear waterproof makeup and go the whole day without taking it off. Although it is passable, it’s terrible for the skin as it clogs pores and causes a buildup of oil. Always wash face skin and start again after exercise for the best results. The Etude House eyebrow pencil has dual-ended capabilities and makes it perfect for after the gym, and the same goes for face contour and face gel. Baby powder is an excellent cleaner, but baby wipes are just as effective and easier to carry.

Be Confident

When women don’t feel one-hundred percent, we can be our own worst enemy. Constantly judging how we look is not helpful, which is why you need to be doubly confident. As soon as you walk out the gym, stand up tall, strut your stuff, and don’t second guess your appearance. If anyone does say anything, let them know that strong women go to the gym.

After all, it is the 21st century, isn’t it?



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