Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Is It Time To Do More For Good Causes?

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It doesn’t take a lot to find out about some of the horrendous things that are happening in the world right now - all you need to do is turn on a news channel. And let’s be frank, even the media hides a lot of information about global tragedies, putting most of their focus on home-based events.

It got me thinking - how can we all do that little bit more in life, and contribute in a better way to good causes? Research suggests that spending money or time on others less fortunate than ourselves can have more impact on our happiness than spending the same on ourselves. So is it time to do more for charity? Here’s how to get involved.

When you have no money

Don’t forget that charities don’t just rely on the money - they also need your time and skills. If you’re short on cash, why not set aside some time for volunteering once or twice a month, or even weekly? There will be plenty of local organizations looking for help in your community, and happy to benefit from anything you can give them - whether it’s time or special skills.

When you’re a busy parent

Think you don’t have time to get involved with good causes because you are busy mixing work and family life? Think again. There are thousands of clubs and organizations around the country that always need volunteers and help - from kids’ sports teams through to drama clubs. If your kids are interested in doing these activities, why not put yourself forward and get involved, too?

When you are an employee

It’s important to feel like our jobs actually mean something, beyond cashing in a paycheck every month. So, why don’t you try and petition your boss to sponsor or help a specific charity? You could point out all the benefits - which we’ll go through in a moment - and get your colleagues on board, too. It will help you all feel much better about life in the workplace, and you get to give others less fortunate a helping hand, too.

When you are a boss

There is a vast range of benefits of being a business with altruistic intentions. Not only does it boost the perception of your business in the eyes of the public, but it’s great for your company culture, too. When you look at the work being done by the likes of Kirk Chewning from Cane Bay Partners over in the Virgin Islands at the moment, it’s inspirational. And while not every community is recovering from a natural disaster, there is likely to be people needing a lot of help in your hometown as you read this. Why not give them a lift up via your business?

When you have an itch to scratch

Is there a challenge in life that you would love to do, but have never had the time to try? Well, why not set up a charitable giving page and give yourself the excuse to do it? Tens of thousands of people are taking up significant challenges for good causes these days, and nothing is more inspiring than the knowledge you are doing something to improve other people’s lives.

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