Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Awesome Ways to Extend Your Home

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There are many reasons you may need more space in your home. A new addition on its way, a need for a home office, growing children needing more space or their own rooms, or a growing collection that needs more room. While moving to a bigger home is an option, it’s expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and leaving a house that you’ve made your home after many years can be difficult. There’s also the location to think about. If you work nearby, or your kids are settled in school, moving to a new house might not be an option. Fortunately, there are other, fantastic ways to extend your home, without having to uproot everyone. Here’s a look at some of your options. 


A loft conversion is probably the most popular extension, especially if you need an extra bedroom or an office. Some lofts are big enough that you can even add an en-suite or some extra storage space and a walk-in closet to create a luxurious master bedroom. It can be a big job with a lot to think about so check out so can help with design, and structural issues, staircase placement problems and the work itself.


Basement conversions are much less popular, but a fantastic option nevertheless. People can be put off having a bedroom in the basement due to a lack of natural light. But, depending on the structure of your home, a small window may be possible.

Another option is freeing up another room by putting something else in the basement. You could add a cool and cosy dining room, an office with a library and its own bathroom or a unique lounge space. Alternatively, you could use the basement as a large storage area, clearing a lot of clutter from upstairs. Check out for some inspiration. 
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An Extension

An extension is another choice. It can be a little more work, as it’s adding space to your home, not converting existing space. But, it can be easier structurally and a great option if you want to make an existing room bigger instead of adding a new one. Extend off your kitchen to create a large open plan kitchen-diner, or off your living room if you need a play area for the kids.

If you ever choose to sell your home, a high quality and functional extension can add to the value immensely as well as making your home stand out from others in the area.

A Conservatory

A conservatory is a little different from an extension. It’s easier and cheaper, but generally smaller and less long-lasting. A conservatory will be made of glass, with supporting dwarf walls and it will attach to your home usually with a door. It’s a wonderful option if you just want a little extra space and somewhere to casually work or relax, but not the best idea for a full-time room.

A Garage Conversion

A tiny percentage of people that have a garage actually keep their car in it. Garages tend to become messy storage areas. If you’ve got one that you’re not using properly, clear it out and make the most of your space.

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