Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Creating the Perfect Home Office

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More people than ever before are working from home these days, and in the main, it's an excellent perk. However, there are a few issues when it comes to productivity, creativity and comfort. With this in mind, let's take a look at some brilliant ideas to deck out your home office to perfection.

The Outside Office

If you're short on space indoors, why not look to your garden or backyard? There are some incredible outdoor garden rooms available these days, which can be designed as the perfect office space. You could also learn how to put up a steel building, or if budget is an issue, why not just use your current shed as an office instead of a garden storage unit? A little insulation, waterproofing and some electrical outlets are all you need.

Maximize the Space

For the vast majority of people that work from home, an office isn’t something at the forefront of their minds when it comes to designing their homes. Usually, it’s the smallest room in the house, or perhaps it's a tiny cubby hole or corner of a living room or lounge area. But, wherever your office is located, it’s vital to make full use of the space. Organization is complicated when you are in a tiny, cramped environment, and clutter is a standard issue. To avoid cluttering problems, try using smaller furniture for small spaces, and invest in plenty of storage for your books, files, and documents.

Heating & Air Con

An often overlooked aspect of the home office is the temperature of the room. Believe it or not, if it’s too hot or too cold in your office, it can have a significant impact on your productivity. So, make sure you have a decent heating and air con system that keeps the room’s environment at the optimum temperature all year round. Small spaces can heat up incredibly during a warm summer, and ultimately ruin any notion of productivity.

Removing Distractions

One of the big reasons for having an outside office space like the ones we went through earlier is that it helps you remove distractions. As anyone who works from home will tell you, there are a considerable amount of disturbances that can occur. The TV, of course, is only a few steps away and can waste several hours of the day if you aren’t careful. If you have children, you can expect them to knock on your door several times an hour, too. There are knocks on the door, the telephone, and, of course, there is the temptation to do the housework instead of tackling your next tough project. So, how do you get around these issues? Well, a locked door can help, as can a Do Not Disturb SIgn. You might think about soundproofing your office, too - perhaps use cork tiles on the walls to minimize aural disruption.

Get the Right Furniture

Finally, when it comes to kitting out your home office, make sure you look into ergonomic equipment. It will help you be more comfortable at your desk, and, therefore, less likely to suffer from productivity issues.
Do you work from home? If so, how do you design your office? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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