Friday, 5 January 2018

Is Your Home Harming Your Concentration?

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Our homes have more of an impact on our wellbeing than many of us realise. You don’t need to be a genius to know that having a space to call yours can make a difference to stress levels. After all, those four walls are the main reason the majority of us slave away like we do.

But, the impact of our homes doesn’t stop there. They can also have a massive effect on health, happiness, and even concentration. This is where you come to unwind. If for some reason, you fail to do that, it’s no surprise the consequences can be seen elsewhere. Of course, experiencing negative implications because of your home space is never pleasant. But, it can become a real problem when it comes to something like concentration. After all, this plays a part in everything you do, from your work, to your ability to learn a new skill. But, how could your home harm your concentration? Let’s take a look.


Clutter is always a red flag in the home environment. It can be especially problematic for concentration. Never underestimate the mental impact of a crowded area. You may notice that you feel overwhelmed the moment you walk into a cluttered space. The more belongings there are, the more stimulation a room provides. And, if you spend your evening in a high-stimulation area, you’ll find it harder to concentrate when it matters. In short; you’ll burn yourself out. So, it’s time to stop putting off that declutter. Turn your attention to clearing the space as much as possible, and see how different you feel.

Lack of sleep

Another obvious cause for issues in concentration is a lack of sleep. If you’re struggling to get comfortable at night time, it will inevitably impact the rest of your day. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when you’re tired! The good news is, there are easy solutions to the problem. Consider why you’re uncomfortable. If the mattress is the problem, head to companies like Choose Mattress and select something which would work better. If your sleeping position is to blame, take steps to change it. Or, it may be that the levels of light or sound are your issue. In this case, either invest in ear plugs and eye masks or consider moving your bedroom to a quieter part of the house.

Too much noise

Speaking of noise, an excessively loud house can also impact your concentration. If you blare music all the time, or if other people do it for you, it’ll soon start to take its toll. Continuous loud television and echoing rooms can have the same impact. In the same manner as clutter, this can cause burn out. It’s an overstimulation issue again. Not to mention that continuous loud noise can cause headaches, which are never good for concentration. To get around the issue, it may be worth imposing a volume limit in the house. If echoing rooms are your problem, install rugs to deaden the sounds!



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