Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Nailing Your Photography Skills

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If you want to get into photography this year but you don’t know where to start, it might be a good idea for you to do a little practice and start to learn about photography and the different styles you can achieve. It isn’t just a case of painting and shooting, there are many different factors which affect a photograph and if you want to be a pro, you’ll need to learn the ropes.

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Light is the single most important factor when you are learning how to take the best photographs. The first thing you should think about before you take out your camera is what is the light like? Is it overcast? Bright? Dismal? If you don’t have the correct lighting for your photograph it will never come out as you want it to. It doesn’t matter if you try and edit the image afterwards to lighten or darken it- if the lighting wasn’t optimal in the first place you will never get the effect you want. Consider wedding photographers such as Vittore Buzzi- he will have to work with any weather condition given to him on the day and work with the conditions by positioning lights, flash and the subjects in a certain place to get the right shot.

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Learn Your Camera Settings

When you first pick up an SLR camera, you might be forgiven for simply pointing and shooting right away without looking at the huge plethora of settings available to you. However, the sign of a good photographer is knowing how to use his tools correctly. Take some time to look at the different settings on your camera and learn what they mean and what they do. You might find that toy like to use a certain setting for wildlife shots and another for portraits. By taking the time to learn, your photography will improve. 

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Composition and Form

Composition is a term used to talk about how you set up your images to create the best effect you can. Most of us seem to have a tendency to see something we would want to photograph, take the photo quickly and then move on. The art of photography is about taking your time,adjusting the settings on your camera and trying to capture the best angle you can. 

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Colour is an integral part of photography. It is what you will see immediately and is often what catches people’s eye in the first place when observing a photograph. Take a look at a colour wheel and think about the colours which go together and which ones clash. Often you will stick to similar colours when setting up a photograph, by adding one object which is different into the mix, you can make a huge impact on the final composition. This can be seen in nature with a sunset. You will usually see a whole host of reds and oranges in the sky, but then you will also see bursts of purple and blue. The final effect this gives is stunning because there is a balance of different colours. 



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