Saturday, 20 January 2018

Surviving As A First Time Student

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Starting your first few months of living as a student? You probably thought that by living alone you were taking a great leap and you could just chill out and not be nagged about the washing up and ironing, but actually living as a student is not that simple, is it?

If you need some help surviving as a student without going broke, then here are some essential life tips for you…


Unfortunately this is one of the most crucial skills you are going to need to learn as a young adult. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of being a college student and you can’t have fun, but you need to learn when to stop. Take a look at the best student credit cards and start by taking one out. This is the first step in helping to build a credit score for you and will also provide you will a bit of financial aid when you need it. Make sure you budget your food shops, beer runs and try not to splurge on clothes all the time. It can be difficult to learn budgeting when you first live alone, but it is a life skill you need.

Finance your food

Don’t let yourself be one of those kids who lives off beans on toast for three years. If you are smart enough with your money you should have no problem eating healthy food which is easy for you to cook. Make a budget for your food each week and set it aside from the rest of your money. Try to plan your meals for a week and then list the ingredients you need for them. If you can make big batches of pasta or soups, it can last for a few days and make life a little easier when you are running between classes.

Be prepared for bills

The first time you get a set of bills coming through the door, you might be forgiven for wanting to run for the hills and go back home with your parents. However, this is again a crucial step in becoming an adult, and you need to learn eventually what it means to pay your bills on time. It will be difficult to keep up with your payments at first, but by taking time to go through your monthly spending and cut down certain things, you will be able to pay your bills with ease after a while. It’s all about learning good money skills.

Don’t buy new books

eBay is your best friend. Don’t let your tutors bully you into buying an extortionate book for your class, instead look for the book on eBay and you will likely find that there are those who have studied the course already who want to get rid of their book. You will be able to save a lot of money and a lot of stress too.

Part-time job

Although it might be much easier for you to just stick to your classes, if you want to start living more independently you need to get yourself a part time job to sustain you throughout your studies. Even if you work in a bar two nights a week, it is still something you can use to make some extra cash and fund your life while you are studying.



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