Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Best Places To Take Great Pics In Hong Kong

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Whether you have a passion for photography or not, you can’t help but take pictures when you travel somewhere new. After all, you’ve never been there, and neither have your friends. If you have a talent for photography, you might even be able to capture the mood and character of the place so you can share your feelings about it. One place that has a lot to offer anyone with a good camera is Hong Kong. The cityscape is mindblowing, and there are many different angles to capture the scene from:

Sai Wan Cargo Depot

This pier has become affectionately known as Instagram pier as it is photographed and shared so often. The best time to head down here is at sunset after a heavy rainfall. When all is still, the ground is like a lake of reflective water, giving you a double sky effect for your photo. The colors of the sunset are pretty awe-inspiring too! Despite the tranquillity of the image you might capture, this can be a really busy and noisy place at times!

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Pier 9 and Pier 10

This is the spot to find if you’re keen for that all-important cityscape shot of Hong Kong. It’s not too hard to find from the Star Ferry terminal. If you’re staying in the city, you might have fun trying to locate your apartment from that vantage point! Of course, if you instant book Hong Kong serviced apartments you might be heading back into all those buildings soon enough. Time to find some other great views of Hong Kong!

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If you love architecture imagery, you won’t be disappointed with Hong Kong.

Housing Estates? Really?

The architecture of Hong Kong often starkly contrasts with neighboring buildings. But some notably mundane accommodation blocks are quite eye-catching for the would-be photographer. The Choi Hung estate lives up to its name. Rainbow colors adorn the facade of these buildings. Even today they are a colorful reminder of a bygone era and strangely compelling. For an opportunity to experiment with perspective, position yourself at the bottom of Montane Mansion in Quarry Bay. These concrete blocks are so tightly packed in that they form a fabulous, almost connected tower. Look up!

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Hong Kong has a lot of great views on offer.

The Peak

For the best vantage point, The Peak is a must. You can look down over much of Hong Kong from here and really take in the contrasts of old, modern, and contemporary. Try this one after dark, to truly take in all the lights that shape the city. Make an adventure of it and something to tick off your amazing experiences bucket list.

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Big Buddha

Hong Kong is famous for many things, but Big Buddha is worth a visit all of its own. The Tian Tan Buddha can be viewed from many amazing vantage points, but up close and personal has to be the best option. The Po Lin Monastery is a perfect setting for quiet contemplation, at least when the tourists aren’t buzzing around. Pick a quieter time of day so you can take everything in before taking your shot. What will you see in Hong Kong?

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