Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Three Things Every Student Should Do Straight After College

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Whether you are still in the middle of your studies or approaching the end of your student years, it's never too soon to think about what you will do when you leave college and head out into the big wide world. It's likely that you already have a long list of things you've thought about too, but don't forget to include the following four essentials as well. Read on to find out what they are.

Get a job

Too many recent graduates struggle with this issue, but I think it's because they are getting it all wrong. Yes, of course, you want the best job that it is out there and you want to begin your career as soon as possible. However, it is fairly unusual to walk into your dream job after just finishing college and the ones that do have been applying since the middle of their final year, a strategy that is recommended at Alternatively, they already have a post lined up as a result of a work placement they did as part of their course.

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Instead, it is much more likely that you will have to take something that is only partially related to what you want to do in the long term or something that is totally different but pays the bills for now.
After all, paying the bills and maintaining your independence is the top priority. Then once you have some stability in where you are living, you can start to work on getting a post that is a better fit for the one that you want to work in.

Sort your finances

Although you may have thought managing your finances as a student was hard, and that you never had any money, you may get a bit of a shock when you emerge bright eyed and bushy tailed into the real world. The reason for this is that things are a lot cheaper when you are a student, and when you combine this with having to pay real-world prices and get taxed more on your wages, it can be hard to handle.

Then you are also hit with student loan repayments as well, something you didn't need to worry about while you were still studying. These can be pretty hefty too and make it hard for you to afford accommodation, travel, and a social life.

Luckily, there is a solution to this, and it’s to look at the information you can find at sites like and see whether you can get a better interest rate. Something that can lower your monthly payments and leave you will additional money in your budget to live on.

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Have some fun

College is fun, right? Except for those bits where you have to study really hard and not do anything but cram for exams. A situation that it is likely that you have gone through recently if you have just graduated.

That means you are probably due for a bit of fun such as attending a festival or even some international travel. Combine that with the fact that you have the added bonus of not needing to worry about constant deadlines and exams and there is no better time to get out there is experience a bit of the world.

Once you have finished college be sure to make some time for fun.



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