Friday, 9 March 2018

Don't Unpack Yet! What To Do Before You Move Into Your New House Properly

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Yes, the hard part is out of the way now, but before you think about unpacking everything and putting your feet up in your new home, what do you need to do first? There are some tasks that take more of a priority than deciding where to put the TV!

Clean The House

You don't know the habits of the people that lived in the house before you, so it's always best to do a deep clean first. It's going to be much easier for you to do this if you haven't got boxes cluttering up the house. Doing a deep clean can take some time, and if you've got a large property, you might want to consider putting your items into storage for a short period while you sterilize! A service like makes it easy for you to put most of your items into storage so you can clean the house from top to bottom. If you don't know where to begin, or your knowledge of deep cleaning is somewhat limited, there are some handy resources on to give you the lowdown on how to scrub every service to within an inch of its life.

Change The Locks

Again, as there have been people living in the property before you, you don't know how many keys to the property are floating around. Instead of worrying yourself silly, take the opportunity to hire a locksmith, or purchase some new locks yourself. You don't have to buy the locks if you don't want to, you could just rekey the existing ones. As soon as you do this, you've got infinite peace of mind, and then it will be a genuine surprise if someone unlocks your door in the middle of the night!

Upgrade The Electrics

It depends on the home you've got. If it's a brand new property, then you don't need to worry about the electrical outlets. If you're moving into an older home, this could be a considerable challenge. It's unwise to try and sort out the electrics yourself, it's better to hire an electrician. It's important to remember that electricians are paid by the hour, so if you have an empty room, it's going to be much quicker for them to access specific outlets. At the same time, older properties don’t have the modern amenities, so you could install ceiling fans to help minimize moisture in areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

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And when it comes to painting a house, it's much easier to paint an empty room! Have you ever tried to paint around furniture? It's incredibly frustrating, not to mention the fact that if you accidentally get some paint on the furniture, thats’ an extra task for you to take on! Instead, wait until you've painted every room, and move the furniture in.

In addition to these, think about how you want everything laid out. There's nothing worse than moving all the furniture into your home without a plan. It'll only cause frustration, and things might get stuck, especially if you don’t have the measurements to hand, so plan ahead, even what you want to do with the garden, and make the most of the empty house while you can!


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