Monday, 12 March 2018

Looking After Your Health On Holiday

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Vacations are great for the body and mind. They allow us to escape the stress of everyday life, lower our blood pressure and cortisol levels. However, holidays can also have their negative effects on our health. Some of us drink too much and have accidents, whilst others spend too long in the sun. Here are just a few tips for protecting your health on holiday.

Pack a medical kit

You should always take a few medical supplies with you on holiday. This should include plasters, painkillers and creams for rashes. You should also remember to take any prescription medicine you need with you on your holiday. It’s worth taking a copy of your prescription in case you need to get some more medicine from a pharmacy whilst you’re out there.

Take out travel insurance

It’s handy to have travel insurance if you’re going on vacation in another country. Travel insurance schemes can usually pay for any emergency treatment you may need. Without insurance, you could be denied this treatment. Every insurance scheme has different conditions when it comes to which treatments are provided so make sure that you’re aware of exactly what you’re covered for.

Know who to call in an emergency

The emergency number will be different if you’re going on holiday in another country. This is something worth researching and having a note of, just in case you need to ring an ambulance. If you’re visiting a remote location, it could be worth knowing the number of an air ambulance service. Cruises meanwhile may have their own nursing unit in some cases.

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Take care in the sun

If you’re going somewhere warm and sunny on holiday, make sure to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Sunburn can be very bad for your skin in the long run and has been linked to skin cancer. By wearing sun cream or staying covered up, you can prevent yourself from burning and getting sunstroke. Sunglasses meanwhile are good for your eyes, preventing damage such as corneal flash burns.

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Stay hydrated

It’s important to also drink a lot of water on vacation, especially if you’re somewhere much hotter than you’re used to back home. You may have to avoid tap water in some countries due to it not being as clean, which could mean stocking up on bottled water. Don’t think that by drinking lots of alcohol you’re staying hydrated – alcohol can in fact dehydrate you and may help bring on sunstroke.

Get your vitamin C fix before taking the plane

Airplanes are prime places for catching colds and other viruses due to the limited air circulation. Many people spend the first few days of their holiday ill due to this. Avoid catching something by boosting your immune system with some vitamin C. A few supplements could be enough to do the job.



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