Sunday, 29 April 2018

Numbers Whizz? Then These Are The Jobs For You

It’s not always easy figuring out what path to walk down when it comes to your career, The job market may not be as good as it was in the past, but it’s true that there are more types of jobs than ever before. So how do you choose? A good place to start is to identify what you’re naturally good at, and what you like to do. If you were a maths whizz in school, then you have a skill that is - and likely always will be - in demand. Below, we run through four of the jobs available to you.

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The Lay of the Economic Land

There’s one job that’ll always be there, regardless of how many jobs there are, simply because the role involves analysing, well, how many jobs there are (in part, anyway). If you’re comfortable with numbers, then why not take a look at becoming an economist? You’ll have to get used to dealing with amounts of money that can feel beyond comprehension, and then try to figure out how they all fit into the globalised world, but if you can, then you’ll find there’s plenty of work available for you.

Handling Other People’s Money

Every business and person on the planet is dealing with money in one way or another, but they’re not always so eager to handle that money themselves. After all, it’s a pretty important part of their lives, and they want to ensure it’s handled in the correct way. If you’re an accountant, then this is where you can come. The good news is that this is a relatively straightforward profession to enter. You can be an entry-level accountant, and then work up towards becoming a fully fledged one by studying for qualifications. Begin by studying for the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate; the London School of Business & Finance offer it free of charge. Accounting has been touted as one of the most stable professional jobs out there, making it an especially good career choice.

Using Big Data

There’s a lot of data in the world, and companies are keen to leverage this data to improve their products, services, and relationship with their customers. But there’s a catch: there aren’t enough people around who know how to crack the data code and make sense of it. If you’re handy with numbers and big concepts, then a data analyst could be one way to go. This is an ever-increasing demand, so you’ll be able to command a high wage even relatively early on in your career.

High-Level Educator

Some maths minded people are happy to be tucked away, with just their numbers for company. But others like interacting with people too, and if you’re one of these people, then good news: the world needs more educators with maths skills! Look at studying for a teaching qualification, and you’ll have your pick of the schools, or you could look higher up at university level. With maths and people part of your job, you’ll have a career that you love.


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