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Common Relationship Problems Couples Face & How To Resolve Them

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Every couple faces problems at some point in their relationship. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how much you love each other, life isn’t perfect, and will throw you a curveball every now and then. Perhaps you got a promotion and are having to work late most nights, or your mother-in-law throws you daggers every time you go over for dinner. Your partner may have even cheated, and you’re struggling to get over it. Whatever the problem, and however big or small it may be, it’s how you handle it that’s important. With that in mind, here are fifteen common relationship problems and what you can do to resolve them.

1. There’s A Lack Of Trust

Trust is a vital part of any relationship, so when you’re struggling to trust your partner, it can cause some major issues. Your partner may not have even done anything to lose your trust - More often than not, this problem rears its head because of issues you have related to past relationships, and sometimes even for no reason at all. To build the trust back up again, you both need to make an effort to be honest, respectful, consistent, and trustworthy.

2. Not Enough Time Together

If you feel as though you and your partner don’t see each other enough, this can be challenging and upsetting. Because of this, it’s important that you plan your time together in advance so that nothing gets in the way of your plans. If you live in different countries, you should find out more information about partner visas, so that you can be together properly. When you’re not together physically, you can still text, call, and facetime, so that you don’t miss each other too much. 
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3. Too Much Time Together

If you spend too much time together, this can be a problem too, especially if you’re living together. It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed and suffocated if you and your partner are never away from one another, and this can cause tension, which results in arguments. Because of this, it’s vital that you have some time apart to grow. This means you should plan to go out with friends, take part in your hobbies, see your family, and whatever else you want to alone.

4. You’re Insecure About The Future

You might want to travel the world, but your partner might want to settle down and start planning your wedding. When you love your partner, but know that your paths aren’t leading in the same direction, it can get pretty scary. You start to worry about the future and how long your relationship is going to be able to last. But before you start freaking out too much, speak to each other and see if you can come to a compromise that makes both of you happy.

5. You Don’t Like Their Parents

No one can choose their parents, but that fact doesn’t make your life any easier when you don’t hit it off with your partner’s. Rather than focus on the negatives, try to focus on the positive, and remember that, as impossible as your partner’s mom and dad may seem, they raised the person you love. If this doesn’t help, and they continue to be rude to you, then tell your partner how you feel. They may be his parents, but he should defend you when they’re in the wrong.

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6. You Don’t Like Their Friends

While your partner can’t choose his parents, he did choose his friends, which might make things a little awkward for you if you and his pals don’t get along. Rather than give your partner an ultimatum and expect him to pick you over his friends, explain how you feel and what issues you have. He can then either decide to intervene or just meet up with his buddies without you, while you meet up with yours. You don’t have to spend every moment of the day together after all.

7. They Don’t Understand You

Everyone goes through stuff that no one but them can completely understand. However, when you feel as though this stuff is causing distance in your relationship, it’s time to take some action. You need to be vocal and explain the things you’ve been through and how they’ve made you feel. You should also be patient and answer any questions your partner may have. Communication is vital in a relationship, so learn to express yourself, and everything will go a lot smoother.

8. Arguments Are Constant And Repetitive

Fighting constantly about the same topics is only ever going to lead to a miserable relationship or the end of one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting about your friends, how much money they’ve spent, who needs to do the laundry, or whatever else, the more you argue, the less chance you’ll actually resolve anything. Instead, take a step back and deconstruct your issues together, in a calm and productive way. This will help you get to the core of the problem and ultimately resolve it.

9. Chores Result In Wars

Some of the biggest arguments that couples have are always about chores. Of course, it’s easy to lose your temper when it seems like you’re doing all of the housework every single day and your partner’s doing nothing, but you need to keep your cool. Rather than fight about it, sit down together and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Then calmly decide who’s going to do what each day, and try to stick to your lists as much as possible. You may need to compromise at times, but that’s what relationships are all about.

10. You Argue About Money

Money is another huge cause of conflict within relationships, and it’s one that needs to be addressed right away. When you and your partner start to get serious, you need to talk about how each of you is with money. This way, you can be prepared and start to compromise before problems arise. If you get into money trouble, don’t take your stress out on each other, and instead work together to resolve your problems.

11. Their Vices Are An Issue

If your partner smokes or drinks, and you don’t, this could make you feel uncomfortable and cause tension between the two of you. It would be easy to suggest telling them to quit, but your partner shouldn’t have to change their lifestyle because you want them to. They need to want to change for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t compromise with them, by asking that they only smoke outside, for example.

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12. They Put The Relationship Last

When you’ve been with someone for a while, it becomes easy to take them for granted and put other things above your relationship. Sure, you may have a date planned, but there’s no harm in canceling to go out with your friends, right? Wrong. No matter what else is going on, you need to make time for each other, and follow through with plans you’ve committed to. If your partner isn’t doing this, then speak to them about it and tell them how it makes you feel.

13. You Have Different Beliefs

Lots of people live long and happy lives with partners who have different religious and political beliefs to them, so if you’re struggling with a partner that doesn't agree with you, don't give up hope just yet. Communication is essential in these situations, so be open about how you feel, and let your partner know when they’re not being respectful of your beliefs. You should also discuss how your different beliefs might affect your future before it becomes a problem.

14. They had An Affair

When you find out that your partner has cheated, whether it be on you or a partner in the past, your whole world can feel like it’s falling apart. Of course, it will always be more devastating to learn that you’ve been cheated on yourself, but to find out that your partner has cheated at all can cause a lot of trust issues. If you’re willing to forgive your partner for their mistakes, then you need to speak to them about things that they can do to earn your trust. You, in return, have to promise not to use their past as a weapon in arguments, as this will cause more problems.

15. You’ve Both Got Bored

When you’ve been with the same person for years, boredom becomes a pretty common issue. Whether you admit it or not, you might find that your whole relationship just feels stale and that you barely feel like a couple anymore. When this happens, speak to your partner and come up with a few ways that you could spice things up a bit. Often, just going on a date can bring back those feelings you experienced during the “honeymoon period” of your relationship.

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Every relationship faces problems, but it’s how you deal with these problems that is important. Hopefully, the advice above can help you out, so that you and your partner can get things back on track.

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