Thursday, 24 May 2018

Garden Trends Adding A Little Life To The Home

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It’s time to get outside and breathe fresh air. The weather is sunny, so it’s the perfect time to show the oft-neglected garden some love. If you’re sick of simply maintaining its current state, this is your opportunity to look at some of the biggest trends in garden design at the moment. Let’s explore three of the most popular additions and home improvements that both add curb appeal and make your garden somewhere you really look forward to spending your time.

Blurring the boundaries

If you want to better incorporate the garden in your lifestyle, then you can start by blurring the lines between what is the garden and what is the rest of the home. Using things like bifold patio doors allow you to let more light inside the home and can create a seamless space that blends the comfort of the interior with the light and fresh air of the garden by opening the house right up. In the evenings, extend the homey feeling by looking at lighting options that allow you to offer it a little more warmth. If you keep the home open to the garden, you’re more likely to spend more time out there, enjoying a peaceful day under the sun.

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Making real living space

You can invite the outdoors in with the tips above, but how about inviting the indoors out? With your local furniture store more likely to offer garden-friendly furniture than ever, more and more people are creating a living space within the garden itself. Set aside a little space for high-quality patio stone or easy-to-build decking that allows you to create a social hub in the garden. You can hang with friends, relax in comfort under the sun, and even create an outdoor dining space with the right selection of furniture. Some garden heating options, like a fire pit, allow you to make it a place of comfort and social fun well after the sun has set, as well.

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Get vertical with it

There are all manners of ways to grow your garden into something more beautiful. However, if you’re confining yourself strictly to the ground, you might be missing a trick. Garden supply stores are full of vertical gardening tools, from trellises allowing for natural and wild looking vines up your walls to hanging planters that help you add a touch of green directly the home’s exterior. For a more rustic feel, you can install recycled pallet or wooden ladder gardens. Besides adding a touch of life to your walls, vertical gardening tends to be much more low maintenance. You don’t have to take care of an entire flower bed every day, you simply have to tend to a few potted plants in comparison.

If you’re growing sick of looking at the same patch of grass day after day, then put a little more thought into your garden. The tips above will help you not only revitalize its aesthetic but can even help get some more use out of it for you, your friends, and your family.



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