Saturday, 5 May 2018

Making A Small Home Feel Bigger (Without Extending)

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Is your small home a little too cosy? Whilst building an extension can add extra space, those renting accommodation or living in apartments may not have this option, whilst others may simply not have the money to afford such a renovation. Fortunately, you can make your home feel bigger simply by making better use of the space you already have. Here are just a handful of ways that you can make your small home feel less small.

Declutter your home

If you have lots of possessions, these may be cluttering up your home and making it feel smaller by using up space. There may be a library’s worth of unread books that you can get rid of, as well as half a wardrobe’s worth of clothes. There could even be bulky items taking up space such as unused gym equipment. The best way to motivate yourself into decluttering is to hire a skip from a company like You may even be able to make money out of items by selling them.

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Use less floor space and more vertical space

Large areas of open floor space can make a room feel bigger. You can cut down on the floor space you use up by finding more ways of using vertical space. Rather than buying a bulky storage unit that protrudes out, consider adding some shelving on the walls. Consider fold-away tables and chairs that could be stored vertically in a cupboard giving you more floor space when not in use. You could even attach your TV on the wall rather than having a TV stand.

Think multi-purpose

You may be able to find furniture and appliances that have multiple purposes, allowing you to cut down on the possessions you have. There are footstools and sofas with in-built storage that could save you the need for a separate storage unit. There are similarly appliances like washer-dryers that could prevent you needing a separate washing machine and tumble dryer. This guide at lists just a few multi-purpose appliances to consider.

Use mirror magic

Mirrors won’t physically add space but they can create the illusion of extra space. A large wall mirror in a poky bathroom can make it feel like it’s double the size as can a mirrored wardrobe in a small bedroom. Meanwhile, you can also place mirrors opposite windows to give the effect that there are two windows in the room.

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Consider a landscape wall mural

You can also use wallpaper or a mural to give a room an extra sense of depth. Landscape themed wall art is particularly effective at doing this and could be great in a poky hallway or a small living room. Sites like have some great examples of this to try out.




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