Thursday, 7 June 2018

Fast Ways To Bring Your Home Back To Life

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There are times your home is going to feel a little dated, and not as exciting to spend time in. Your home should be your safe haven; your special place to be. You don’t want to feel less than amazing when you’re relaxing. So, what steps can you take to bring your home back to life? Here are some suggestions that shouldn’t be too difficult or take up too much of your time:

Change Your Hardware

One of the easiest things to do is change your hardware, and you’ll find that it’s really not that expensive either. Changing your hardware could make your home look more vintage, or even give it a more modern look depending on what you’re going for!

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Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

You don’t have to paint your home a completely new color; simply giving it a fresh coat of paint with the same color could help to perk things up and make it look fresh again. Lighter colors can often dull down or even yellow over time, so going over them can be a big help when trying to make your home look fresher.

Make Repairs

Go around your home and see if there are any small repairs you need to make. If there’s something that has been bugging you for a while, get it out of the way. You can often DIY small repairs, and fixing it ASAP will ensure you don’t end up spending even more time and money fixing it in the future.

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Add Some Interest

Adding some interest to your home will make it look more three dimensional. People often do this by introducing texture in the form of cushions, throws, and other materials to bring contrast to what is already there. You could also consider introducing patterns and things to bring a little fun to your decor. Neutral may be a good way to go in practice, but it isn’t very interesting and is only really good if you plan on selling your home any time soon.

Make It Smell Amazing

A home that feels alive should entice all of the senses. Make your home smell great! You can do this numerous ways, but one of the healthiest ways to do it is by using essential oils. Essential oils smell amazing, last ages, and have some serious health benefits that could give you a greater sense of well being every day. You can visit this website for ways to diffuse the oils around your home. Try it and you won’t go back to candles again!

Don’t Neglect The Outside

Make sure you don’t neglect the outside of your home. Introduce plants, tidy up your lawn, clean your windows and car, and improve your curb appeal in general to make it a happier place to be. Sometimes, even just quickly jet washing your patio can make your home appear brighter and better!

Try some of these suggestions and see how quickly you can bring your home back to life!



  1. Such great tips and gorgeous interiors, I really love the dark green and grey rooms! I love the little quirky details :D xx

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