Monday, 18 June 2018

High Impact, Low Cost: Home Projects That POP

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We all want our homes to be safe, stylish and comfortable. But it's a rare situation that we have the chance to move into a house that ticks all of our boxes straight away. Instead, a few home improvement projects are generally needed to bring the place in line with our own personal standards and tastes. Sometimes, we don’t realise what we could do that would really make a significant difference and take our dwellings from a house to a home.

Stay Safe

The first priority with any home is to make sure that’s it's secure. Knowing your home has some security measures in place will not only give you peace of mind, and allow you to relax knowing that your loved ones and your possessions are safe, but it could also help to reduce your home insurance premiums, and, if you ever come to sell the property, it will be a key feature to point out to potential buyers. There are lots of options available to you - from fitting an alarm system, to making sure all the exterior doors are fitted with a deadbolt, to installing motion-sensor lighting or even a CCTV system. Seek professional advice from a supplier such as to find the best option for you.

Repaint All Surfaces

It's amazing what an impact a lick of paint can have, and at relatively low cost. Again, if you are considering selling, it can freshen the place up on a budget, make everything look well cared for, and get those offers rolling in. For saleability, it's best to stick to a fairly neutral palette, but you can use feature walls in brighter paint colours or patterned wallpapers to make an impact without blowing the budget. Think outside the box as well - painting skirting boards in an unexpected colour, or ceiling roses, the inside of window frames and other architectural features creates a stunning designer look - and you can use tester pots of colour to keep the spend down as well.

Improve Your Lighting

Changing up the lighting in a room has the power to make a huge impact in the mood and atmosphere, as well as adding an impactful focal point - at a small cost. Source light fittings online to find the best deals, and use them as a statement piece in an otherwise neutral space. There’s something for every taste, from the traditional crystal chandeliers to modern geometric pieces in copper tones, and sculptural cluster lights just waiting to cause a splash in a hallway or over an island in the kitchen or dining table. Introducing a variety of lamps also allows you to vary the lighting levels in a room to suit your mood and activity. The right piece can make a small room seem cosy and luxurious, or add dimension to larger, open-plan spaces as well.

Making your home a desirable space is simply a combination of the practical and the stylish - taking care of the elements that are needed for functionality and security while adding design flair with some high-impact design touches. It all adds up to a home that’s a joy to be in.




  1. Painting skirting boards a contrasting colour compared to walls is becoming fairly popular now and it an certainly make an impact on the entire room!