Wednesday, 1 August 2018

4 Cities Across the Globe For The Culture-Vulture Explorer

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They are not without their flaws, but overall, you have to admit that humans are pretty darn amazing! The things they create, the spaces they come up with, the sophistication they're capable of exuding; from the distance of one step back, it looks pretty impressive (if a dog did what humans could do, we’d all go wild). To get the best possible picture of humanity, it’s best to get travelling, to the greatest cities the world has to offer. But where to? We take a look at five options below.

The Big Apple

There’s a reason why New York City is routinely listed as the world’s greatest travel destination: it has anything and everything! If you like art, well then here you’ll find the best. If you’re more of a jazz type of person, you’ll be able to hear the most talented musicians. If you’re into the counterculture, you’ll be able to walk the streets where many of the movements began. You could visit for weeks and still have more to see, but you can get a pretty good overview in a few days. Book yourself somewhere in Manhattan and get exploring.

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The Land Down Under

The ‘Sydney v Melbourne’ debate is pretty contentious, but if there’s one area where Melbourne definitely has the upper hand, it’s culture. Here you’ll find Australia’s most acclaimed art galleries and festivals, including the International Film Festival and Fringe Festival. The cultural side is offset by a relaxed atmosphere, too, so you can get the best of both worlds. Book yourself into a wonderful hotel in Melbourne city, and you’ll be able to spend your days exploring the sights and living the chilled life. Perfect!

London Calling

Melbourne is relaxed, and so is New York to a degree, but London? That’s pure energy. It’s not a chilled place to be, but no-one can doubt that when it comes to culture, it might just be the best city on the planet. Whereas New York seems to do certain things extremely well, London seems to do virtually everything very well. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it represented here. It’s more spread out than the other cities mentioned, too, so you often find more interesting, smaller pockets of niche musical genres and experimental art. A lot of people visiting London focus on the history, but we say ignore that next time you’re there: there’s plenty of brilliant stuff going on in the here and now!

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The Beach Life

Barcelona is decidedly different from Melbourne, London, and New York. Perhaps because it’s more of a party city than a working city, but whatever it is, it has its own feel. And this has lead to much interesting literature, music, art, and all the other good things we associate with human culture. During the day, you can explore Gaudi’s masterpieces, in the evening you can attend a poetry reading, and then cap it all off with a summer stroll along the beach. A magical way to spend some time!



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