Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How Home Decor Affects Your Happiness

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There are a thousand and one things every day that could put you in a bad mood. Whether you’ve had a bad day at work or an argument with your partner, you can usually identify the reason that you’re not feeling too great. But there are also a lot of underlying things that affect our happiness that you might not have considered before. Your home is a big one. The way that you decorate your home and look after it can really impact your mood and if you’re getting it wrong, your home won’t be a safe haven where you can relax after a long day. It’ll be a place that you don’t like spending time in and that can really have a negative effect on your mood. But don’t worry, you just need to make these simple changes to make your home a place that inspires happiness.

Change Your Attitude Toward The Home

A lot of people, especially those that have busy work lives, see their home as a place to eat and sleep before they get up and head out to work again. In short, you think of it as a house rather than a home. Changing this attitude toward the home can help you to make it a happier place. If you take more pride in decorating the house and invest a bit of money in luxury furniture and designer home decor, you’ll start to build a home that is unique to you and is actually a nice place to spend time in. It’s also important that you maintain the home properly and make any repairs that need doing, otherwise, the house will be a run down and miserable place to be.

Change The Lighting

You’ve got lights in your house so you can see things at night, but that’s only their basic function. If you’re not considering their uses any further than that, you’re not going to be able to create a happy home. Lighting can have a big impact on your mood and help to make the place more relaxing. In the evenings when you’re trying to wind down and forget about the stresses of work, you need some low, warm lighting to help you. Don’t just rely on one main light in each room, get some lamps and dimmer switches so you can adjust lighting to create a more relaxing mood.

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Choose The Right Colors

There is a lot of psychology behind colors so you need to think long and hard about each room and what atmosphere you want to create in there when you’re picking a color scheme. If every room is painted in a bland white or cream color, it’s not going to be a very welcoming space. Equally, if you go overboard with colors like red, they can make it difficult to relax in the home. Blue is ideal for a home office because it encourages productivity, yellow is great for giving you more energy, and lavender or green are good for relaxation.

If you focus on these things in the home, you’ll create a living space that inspires happiness and you should see a big change in your mood.



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