Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Relationship Troubles We Don't Often Talk About

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There’s a lot of common relationship problems out there, ones we see all the time on those agony aunt advice pages in the newspapers and the magazines, as well as strewn all over talk boards on the internet. But there’s always going to be some dark sides to dating and relationships, one’s we have no idea how to combat because there’s simply little to no advice out there on how to handle ourselves!

And this can be incredibly frustrating and lonely, and it’s something we need to think about more. So in order to try and get something out there that could help the millions of people who are having unlisted relationship troubles, here’s a couple of main problems to think about.

Looking back on your relationship might make you realise you’re more in love with the memories than you are each other, and that’s scary to try and face. (Source)

You Don’t Want to Talk to Each Other

Of course we hear about communication issues within relationships, but sometimes there comes a point where we don’t want to talk to each other at all, and thus the house is left silent, the two of you have nothing to say to one another, and you’ve got a very negative atmosphere within a relationship that should only ever leave you feeling positive.

So you don’t talk, you’re left feeling very cold towards one another, and then your relationship just breaks down naturally from there - usually we hear about one partner being far more willing to strike up a conversation than the other, but when neither of you has the energy, it’s clear a major change is needed. And that’s another scary thing to face - your heart isn’t in it, so maybe the relationship isn’t right for you.

Trust Issues in the Bedroom

It’s not so much the idea of sleeping with your partner that has you feeling a little blue, but the lack of trust and intimacy involved. A lot of the time we can simply go through the motions, and think that that’s all there is to it, especially if one partner is happier than the other and all you want is to see them happy. But you shouldn’t let yourself settle for this, no matter how normal it seems.

Sometimes, a bit of Sex Counselling will be required, as sex can be a big thing in a relationship for many different reasons. And if you need help, especially from the outside of your relationship, you shouldn’t be shy about seeking it out. It’s available for you to use, so make sure you bring it up with your partner - you should face intimate and complex problems like these together.

What kind of relationship problems seem common to you? What do your friends complain about the most? Relationship issues can come from anywhere and be to do with everything, just make sure you’re talking about it. Just because it doesn’t seem normal doesn’t mean you don’t deserve any help with it.



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