Friday, 7 December 2018

Blogging And Website Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

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Every year we witness new web design trends making an appearance. 2019 is certainly not going to be any different. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the trends that are here to stay…

Logos with depth

For years, it has all been about simplicity, and this impacted everything from overall web design to logo creation. However, many designers have noticed a move to more depth in logo design, as simplification is not only overused but it can often lead to a loss of brand sovereignty.

Interactive Infographics

Like every good trend, infographics are set to soar to the next level during the coming year. They have triumphed as an exceptional way of presenting information in a quick and easy manner. However, we are likely to see them become interactive and be incorporated into web design next.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) have been in favour for a number of years now. They grab the attention of the viewer and keep them engaged for longer.

Flat design

In the past few years, we started to see companies making the move towards flat design, especially in relation to app design. We will see 3D designs and skeuomorphism fall out of favour. Many believe that this will also help with some common web design issues as navigation will improve and calls-to-action will be evident.


We have seen the focus shift from the product itself to the experience. This is a trend that is bound to impact marketing in a positive way. After all, individuals will be able to see the product in action and this strengthens the case for purchasing it.

Long form content

Not only is long-form content, like these InboxDollars reviews, good for establishing yourself as an expert but they are imperative for SEO purposes.

Large images

Expect to see website focus to on one large image. This creates a stronger presence and eradicates the need for embellishments.

Mix and match typography

This is a trend that has already been embraced by a wealth of website designers throughout the previous year. However, there is no sign of mix and match typography slowing down any time soon. This trend offers an eye-catching way of displaying a decent amount of content without it looking too cluttered.


Logos may be returning to a more complex design, yet web design, on the whole, won’t be. How can it? Products are becoming more advanced and intelligent by the day. There is a massive amount of information accessible to the consumer and therefore it is vital to find a way to communicate with visual clarity. This can be an extremely powerful trend when it is used effectively.

These trends are all set to stay. Which one will you be using? Is it time to play around with different fonts? Perhaps a logo redesign is in order? Or maybe you are going to create experiences with your products rather than merely present them as they are? The possibilities are endless and the sky is your limit.



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