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Let's get this started!

Hello to everyone! I'm happy to welcome you all to my blog - Otterly me .  My name is Ieva, I'm 21 and I'm Latvian,  but currently I live and study in Germany, in a little town near the oldest German city Trier (Treves).   For quite a while now I have had this urge deep inside my head and heart to write, to express myself not only in school's essays  but somewhere I could share my opinion on the little things in life, on fashion (my secret passion), maybe even on music (I have a thing for music since forever), on everything around me. I want to share my passion and what inspires me through words and photos.  In today's world the most powerful form of art and expression, not only for women, is fashion.  In fashion there will never be things that go totally out of style. Of course, some fashion staples will change from season to season, but true fashion sense is to find your own style and make it authentic by always updating it, exploring new h