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winter crop

Fa la la la la! It's Christmas time and my heart and tummy are filled with joy and currently experiencing a little known thing called "food coma". At least I know I won't be eating sweets for the next few days. And that's why I'm feeling really brave and kind of excited about this post I'm writing for you.  As you can tell from the title - I'm going to talk about crop tops! In Winter! Yes, I'm not mistaken and you read it right. Crop tops and winter do get along just fine, if you know how to style them winter-appropriate. Of course, it's way more easy to do in summer as you just put on some high waisted shorts or skirt (or a skort, for that matter) and just throw a crop top and you're good to go. It's a bit trickier in the winter time but it's possible.

bohemian autumn

It's been almost a month between the last 2 posts. What can I say - it gets busy in life! Between uni, work, home and everything in between, I had close to zero time to sit down at the computer and write this. There's so much I want to say but since I've been waiting for over a week to share these next photos with you, I will save my words for later. It's been a month since the disaster in Paris, it's been almost 2 weeks since the day we had to rock'n'roll all night with Eagles of Death Metal in Italy and it's been quite a hectic situation ever since. My boyfriend and I bought the tickets to one of EODM's gigs in Italy to celebrate our (kind of) anniversary and were totally devastated when we heared the news on the 13/11/15. The tour was cancelled but we didn't cancel our trip. We went to Northern Italy, we didn't send back our tickets as they will be kept as a reminder - peace, love and death metal. And hopefully, we will see them live in th