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NYFW Runway favourites, part 2

And here it is - the 2nd part of my NYFW favourites. Click in READ MORE to discover them all -

NYFW Runway favourites, part 1

New York Fashion Week has ended a few days ago and the next one, London FW, is in full action! Fashion statements, surprises, innovations and firm classics are swirling in the air and making everyone in fashion world grasp for air. Everything is so exciting, fresh and fast! The runways and catwalks are dominated by fierce models and with pleasant surprises, such as my favourite show's ever actress Jamie Brewer hitting the runway making history being the first model (role model) to walk on the runway with Down syndrome at Carrie Hammer's fashion show.  In this article I've gathered my favourite looks on NYFW catwalks, from classic feminine chic of Ralph Lauren and aggressively beautiful Wang. This is the first part (of a total of two) of this article so stay tuned for the second part to discover the other looks I loved from New York Fashion Week's runways!  Click on READ MORE to continue reading and exploring:

more than curiosity

the little inspirational post with a stronger sence of fashion

let's talk about negativity

I really have to gather myself together before putting my thoughts out about this. I'll probably add more to this later on but right now this is what has been on my mind. This will be a really personal post and I would like for you to share your experiences also (in the comments' box below). I am not going to name names, try to make someone feel guilty or feel pity/sad for me. No. This is not my purpose, I don't want to radiate negative thoughts and energy. For the last months I've been practicing being positive, finding the good in everything and everyone and it has changed my inner world. It doesn't mean that I've become a buddhist or that I'm naive and don't see the bad. I see it all, I just choose wisely now what to let and not let get a hold of me. I'm the only one in charge of what impresses me in a positive or negative way. I've learned to channel the negative and absorb the positive and give it back to others.  And I do not want

Mercury, it's your fault!

So, as some of you may know or not, I currently study Communications, to make it short (and Spanish as a secondary subject) at the Uni and I wanted to share an article I wrote as a homework. It is not much but I personally felt that this little research about Mercury Retrograde explained a lot what was happening to me, my laptop and my smartphone. My phone went bananas, the Internet would occasionally bail on me and my laptop was a pure rebel at heart. Luckily the Retrograde is coming to an end (on 11th February). The best part is that this is science and one cannot just say "pff, I don't believe in that stuff". This is scientifically proven and it is just awesome. Too bad I don't have the patience to sink myself into this more but I love this kind of stuff and I hope you do too! Mercury Retrograde... ... what is it? Does it influence us all? How to live through it without getting into too much trouble? Mercury Retrograde happens circa 3 times a year, this


Nothing better than lazy week-ends, even if I should really start studying for my exam. Oh well, just a couple more minutes of procrastination, please!  Thumbs-up for my super-neutral-but-still-cool walls.