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blazers and feathers

Lately, and today especially, I've been filled with so many positive experiences and I couldn't find a better time to write this next article these series. Music that influences my appearance, from clothes, accessories and shoes to my mindset itself. And on such a happy note, of course, I'll be talking about a band so dear to me, it's ridiculous! It's an all-male band, so one could would ask me, how can I even draw inspiration from men? It's simple. Easy. And amazingly effortless. Sometimes I find myself checking out guys' sections in the shops and online, just because the clothes look just oh-so-chill. Mostly everything looks good and if you don't have a boyfriend from who you can steal his sweatshirts, you can always find a good one in store (the hoodie, of course:) ). source: Pinterest

Circolo 1901

Dear readers, today I'm happy to introduce you to an amazing brand that I share many views and values with. It's Circolo 1901 , a  project concepted by Gennaro Dargenio, a successful textile industrialist well known in the fashion industry, famous for his attitude aimed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. By a window down in Puglia, Gennaro’s homeland and source of inspiration, he developed the idea of applying alternative materials to traditional models, and thanks to his creativity and experience, he has evolved it into a unique and innovative fashion project. If you follow my social media shenanigans now and then, then you know that Puglia, Italy has a special place in my heart, it's my second home in many many ways. So obviously, I'm very delighted to participate in a little collaboration with a brand so personally special and close.  The brand and their collection is all about an easy-classic attit