Saturday, 23 July 2016


Before you scroll down to see the other photos we shot of these incredible trousers I'm wearing, I'd appreciate if you would take the time and read what I have to say and feel free to express your thoughts and feelings on the subject. Just click on read more and keep on reading... 

Monday, 11 July 2016

sunny side up

It seems like I'm continuosly apologizing for being absent on here, I hope it doesn't turn into a habit!
However, the sun was up and melting us the last few days, which was incredible. After the long chilly months here in Germany I almost thought that summer wasn't going to visit this year. But here she is!
The reason behind my absence is nothing but personal, you know - life, as always gets in your way. And even in the sunnier days it sometimes feels like the bad days aren't going to end and to go forward is harder than all the motivational posters say. And sometimes to just suck it up isn't going to be an option. I'd love to just let my heart burst out here but to know one's limits of what to share on any social media platform is a must. So I'm not going to focus on all the bad here, but on the good, on future and what can I learn from these experiences. Of course, not in this blogpost, for that are therapy, friends, family and Internet to just drift away and forget about it all for a little while. It can't rain forever, right?

I don't recall if I've already mentioned it, but my boyfriend is the best companion to create these photos for the blog. I feel at ease, natural and confident infront of him holding the camera. And yes, finally he's moved to Germany to continue building our future together and I couldn't be happier. And in this way the results are exactly what I've had in my mind. Yes, as you may notice, I've retouched them in some ways and I know that I said I wouldn't but, people change just like my ideas change on how to show you the photographs and the overall content I share with you. Plus, if a retouch makes you feel better, more confident and it enhances the photo's quality- why the heck not! I don't mean that I'm not content with myself, but let's be honest - some filters work like sunglasses that just make anything look a liiiiiitle bit better. 

For this quick shoot I just threw on my go-to shorts, a basic top and my incredbile Sisley bomber jacket that I don't know why I still haven't blogged about it yet, as I've had it for over a year! Oh, and the shoes! I fell in love with them even though I don't have much red in my wardrobe. I saw them, fell in love and decided it was a smart move to add a pop of colour not only for this outfit but for my whole wardrobe. I hope you enjoy this post and be ready for more!


Outfit details:
Bomber: Sisley, similar here, here and here
Top: H&M
Denim Shorts: H&M
Shoes: ASOS, similar here

Sunday, 20 March 2016

afternoon light

And again, more than a week has passed (it's been over a month, omg) since I've had the time to sit down and type this down.
Today I'm finally showing you some photographs we shot in Florence, at the Stibbert Museum and gardens. I was completely in awe when I layed my eyes upon the garden while strolling through the museum that once was a home to this extravagant human being. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

postcards from Florence

Oh, my, it seems as it was a lifetime ago when I was back in Florence just more than a month ago. I do lack a little motivation now and then to sit down and write these words but when I do it's almost impossible to stop.
I was also torn between making a classic blogpost and a little travel diary. I decided on the first one. But I'll include some aspects of the places where to eat, what to see, and again, where to eat. Because food is everything in Italy, no matter what region. So, here it starts...with Pitti Uomo 89.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

hey, sailor!

Just going through the photos from Italy sparks up a hundred feels and it feels like I can actually smell the sea and it makes you forget it's freaking freezing outside and summer is nowhere near.