Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tips and Tricks For Getting Some Pinterest-Worthy Braids

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Whether you are new to styling your hair in a certain way or have been doing it for years, there are always a few tips and tricks that you can try to make your hairstyles look even better. We’ve all been browsing Pinterest and seen those fancy braided styles that we are just dying to recreate, right? But sadly, they don’t always end up looking as good as we would like them to. So if you fancy taking up you braiding and hairstyling to the next level, why not try out these tips? You’ll be the one with Pinterest-worthy hair before you know it!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

How to Dress to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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If you want to get fit or lose weight and create the life you really want, before you even think about pounding the pavement or hitting the gym, you need to take some time to put together the perfect fitness outfits.

The saying ‘dress for success’ is typically used to refer to work situations, where it is important to look the part at job interviews and meetings, but it could just as equally be applied to exercise too.

If you start your foray into the world of fitness with the right clothing for the job, it is likely you will have a much better time being active than if you start out wearing clothes that were not designed for the task at hand.

If you are serious about getting fit, take a look at the following list of important fitness clothing:

Saturday, 24 December 2016

tea time

After this time of the year, and I'm not talking about Christmas, but about the time before Christmas, we all need to sit back and relax. After all the running around trying to find the perfect gifts, we easily forget about ourselves. For me the best method to unwind is to enjoy some good quality tea. And London Tea Club answered my tea enthusiasts prayers!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Ready To Make A Change? Upgrade Your 2017!

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Sometimes, our lives don’t turn out in the way that we hoped they might. It can be hard when that happens, but just because it has, it doesn’t mean we have to settle and give up on our dreams. You can get the life you want! It can take time and effort, but if you really want to be in love with your life and finally do the things you’ve always wanted to, you can make it happen. If you’re ready to upgrade your life, here are a few hints on how to get it done!

In Praise of "Default" Gifts

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There are certain gifts that are seen as being too standard to be considered good gifts. You'll see it a thousand and one times over the course of reading through a plethora of gift guides: "Do something different! Don't resort to X thing!"

The idea behind it is that we are all unique, beautiful snowflakes of wonderment - and these gifts aimed at the masses simply cannot do. They are too prosaic, too standard, too general. Some go as far to suggest that these basic items of gift-giving are unacceptable to the point of being rude; like it would almost be better to give nothing at all.

How did we get into this mess, society?

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Create The Life You Actually Want

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Let’s be honest for a second, shall we? You’re feeling unsatisfied with your life. Although, on the surface everything is good, and some might even say, that on paper, you have the picture perfect life.

That’s part of the problem, though: you’re settling for a life that’s been dictated to you by what society deems acceptable.

Sure, you’re grateful for the things you do have, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t shake this feeling that there’s more out there for you, and you’re getting anxious about the thought of potentially missing out on what you want, even though you can’t really put into words what it is you do want.

How To Care For Your Skin This Winter

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The winter time is generally not very friendly to skin, and it really doesn't matter in which part of the world you live, you’ll usually have some kind of reaction to the winter when it comes to your skin, so it’s really important,  even more so during this time of year, that you take measures to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy and feeling comfortable.