it is what it is

Wow. Two years since my last, decent blog post.  For various reasons I stopped, just like for various reasons I started. Now, life got so wild. I do not even know where and how to start again. Past few years have been so hard. Of course, nothing to compare with the pains of our world. But as an empath towards our planet  and the less fortunate, I cannot help but let my heart ache for all the injustice, loss, mourning that so many of you are going through. And to see our world hurting, it seemed so selfish to hurt on my own, about my own pain, loss, misunderstandings, prejudices, troubles, anything really.  But some things I have kept away and silent for way too long. And in order not to explode and break down, I reopened this page, and through tears, I try to start again. Let it all out, without any fucking filter. Without the thoughts in the back of my head that what I write is useless, that my thoughts and opinions are useless to share with others (my closest people excluded, I do ve

hey, it's may

  Hello there! Long time, no see. May is already upon us, spring is in full bloom and sun is gracing us with her presence longer. And just like that, I'm creeping up with some new content. I've been working, living, finding solutions to problems more than you can imagine and I got tired. But now I'm full of energy again to keep up with the blog and bring you more outfit posts! I have done quite some shopping, so I'll have a lot of newness to show you. Guilty as charged :)

everyday wear

Hello there! You have probably already seen this photo on my Instagram recently and if you continue to scroll and read, you'll learn why I love this simplicity of an outfit more than I love bread.

face your fashion fears

Oh my darling, it's been a while.. again.. but I'm here! It's better to be late than to never come back, isn't it? Anyways, I just wanted to pop by and tell you something about how I broke down my comfort zone while on vacation. Would you be a doll and continue reading? :)

wandering around

After such a big break from blogging, I'm fashionably late to my newest article. This time around, I'm going to share with you a few snaps of the outfit I wore when we discovered Barcelona and Montjuic fountain, castle, park and Joan Miro foundation. It was quite a heavy day on our feet but it was awesome enough to be worth all those extra steps thanks to faulty Google maps.  Another post with our favourite places where to eat, drink and recharge while exploring, will be up in no time. We found so many gems and met such great people, the vibe in Barcelona is incredible! 

tea time

After this time of the year, and I'm not talking about Christmas, but about the time before Christmas, we all need to sit back and relax. After all the running around trying to find the perfect gifts, we easily forget about ourselves. For me the best method to unwind is to enjoy some good quality tea. And London Tea Club answered my tea enthusiasts prayers!

bad moon rising

  Finally I'm sitting down to finish this post and share these photos with you! It's always a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when it's cold outside and you go through your summer photos, or just warmer and sunnier weather photos. Like this set, for example, we did just a few weeks ago when it was still sunny and no jackets where needed.