Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Love, love, love

It's St. Valentine's soon and the Internet, the shops and the streets are filled with red and pink themed decorations, Facebook is overflowing with positive and negative statuses and photos by those who are in love (because being in love doesn't always mean that the love is returned) and by those who are annoyed by this already commercialized holiday. But it never really bothered me. When I was a kid, my mum would give me a big heart-shaped candy or some sweets. Later in my teens I'd spend St. Valentine's at friends' parties, not really paying attention to the meaning of the day, just following the dress code, which, obviously, was red or pink. And since I'm in a relationship I can happily say that February 14th isn't the only day in the year when I feel a bit more spoiled and loved, no, it's every day. And I'm grateful for that. But still, St. Valentine's has a super-little special place in my heart, because I am obsessed with everything that has hearts on it or is pink/red, just like I am with glitter now, and khaki and monochrome pieces. They all are my obsessions atm, but the heart print has always been my favourite. And when should one rock it, if not on St. Valentine's? I'll post on Valentine's day my themed outfit, as I am dying to show it to you. It is really simple but still cute.

For now, I've prepared some inspiration from ASOS New Collection and Sale and Chiara Ferragni Collection SS15, this time for girls only, what to wear if you're going on a special date or just partying with your friends, or even just getting dressed up to watch movies at home and not caring about the outside world on that day. :)

P.S. the majority of these pieces are wallet-friendly!

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Ever wonder how...?

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This quote keeps on popping up on every social network platform that I visit, so I guess it needed to be discussed (?).
So, have you ever wondered? I definitely have. First of all, I wouldn't say that I believe in any kind of religion or atheism, but I do believe in destiny. That is, I let my assumptions depend on my own beliefs and certainties, and I don't limit myself on facts based on a book or other people stories. I believe in science and but am not also bound to believe in evolution. In short, I believe what I see, not what others say, I'm not stubborn with my general opinions about this kind of things but I'm not easy to change my mind either.
I believe that my path has changed multiple times depending on my decisions, choices and circumstances. It is scary but it is so interesting thinking back about certain moments of your life, like "if I never went to that party I would've never met those people", "if I'd chosen to go out of the house at that certain time...", "if I'd taken the other bus..." and so on. And by looking back like that I truly appreciate what the life has led me to: my boyfriend, my current location and my attitude, most of all. Some of those life changing moments we don't really acknowledge until we rewind our thoughts and memories. 
And whatever I'll choose tomorrow will lead me to whatever is waiting for me the day after. And this is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting things in our lives. We do know some things and we don't know the others. Some of them we'd never even dream to happen and yet they did. So, inhale and exhale. The bad moments always pass, just like the good ones. Life is like a piano, the white and black keys alternate, just like our days. And both give a certain feeling, a taste to our existence. It is scary, intimidating but oh, so wonderful.


Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunday stroll

Catching the opportunity of the snow today! I haven't seen so much snow in years because I've always been somewhere else where the snow had already been fallen and melted or not yet arrived. So, I'm a bit of a sucker for it now (insert an emoji with hearts in places of eyes), though I hate snow fights that any other normal human being loves.
I haven't shot photos on purpose in the snow since middle school! Catching the opportunity now that I finally experienced a proper winter day here in Germany.
This knitted jumper kept me so so warm, I'm happy to have borrowed it from my mum. So light, cozy and warm. Also the gloves are from her wardrobe. I must be lucky to be able to steal some extra cool things from my mum, hehe.
Still, I kept the colours simple: gray tones, khaki, light brown and black. And my choice of accessory, instead of a bag, clutch or anything, was the February issue of InStyle Germany mag with the one and only Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad). Let's just say that I'm extremely fangirling over her and find her as one of my main inspirations in matter of fashion and lifestyle. That woman is pure awesomeness.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Sunday, 18 January 2015

trust your struggle

It is real and it is so hard to live with, but it is worth it. Trust me.
Let me tell you about it as I've been there, done that a million times plus one.
Imagine being 16 and thrown out of your comfort zone, totally. I'm not talking about having to dress differently against your own will or having to study something you don't like. I'm talking about moving to another country knowing, literally, 5 words and 1 phrase. I'm talking about leaving all my relatives and most loving friends behind because of, well, life. You may ask "what possible reason should make you leave your home, family and friends? why?". The answer is simple. Family itself made me take that choice. I moved with my mum and brother from the small Latvia to the boot-shaped Italy because of family, because I've always put them in first place no matter what and I always will. My grandparents were sad but they knew that it will open different doors to my future and it may be scary but also exciting. My friends stayed my friends in long distance. Yes, that caused us to drift apart but the best ones always stayed in my heart and never turned their backs on me. Fun fact, some of them didn't believe I actually moved away, they waited for me to publish thousands of photos before believing I was really away (insert histerically laughing smiley here). 
Like Macklemore said "I got my city right behind me, if I fall, they got me." Although with every year the distance between me and my homecity seems to grow bigger and bigger, it still has a piece of my heart and it is and will be one of my happy places.
"One of.."? Yes. Because, well, I've lived now in 3 different countries and uncountable different cities, and I've left my heart in every and each one of them, not mentioning the cities I've visited as a tourist and fell in love with. Every one of them has something that I love and hate, and I think that it is extremely healthy to feel both of these emotions regardless if it's in a relationship with other people or to something (material) close to your heart.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

tuesday blues

I should've called my last 3 posts (including this one) "boyfriend series: how to steal his clothing and make it work for you". Maybe I'll do something like that in the future, because some of my significant otter's (see what I did there?) clothes are really fun to wear AND rock. For instant, the cardigans or jumpers, and even his winter jacket, as seen in the previous post, while mine is being saved in the atelier from a big bad hole in it. And what about boyfriend t-shirts, huh? Actually, I've noticed, at least from my experience, that men's t-shirts fit better than women's t-shirts who claim to be with a "boyfriend cut". Jeans and trousers - that's a whole another story, another reality. But not about jeans... It's all about the sweaters and cardis, and anything that keeps you warm!
This cardigan I'm wearing is one of my favourites, as it is the perfect pattern, color and warmth. And quality. And the snood (scarf) makes me feel so cool and still protected from the icy wind.
Embrace androgynous style, like Kristen Stewart, and rock your boyfriend's/ best friend's/ brother's knitwear in all it's glory! Because keeping warm and cozy, when it's cold, never goes out of style.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

nella pineta -

- in the pinewoods.

There's this overly awesome pinewood place near where my boyfriend lives and while I was visiting him we decided to take some photos there. And seriously, I'm more excited about the background in these photos than the actual look :D OK, I like my look, too, especially the sweater (the warmest gift ever from my boyfriend) from TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri, a really sophisticated and incredible Italian brand/designer. And I hope to show some more of different Italian brand treasures I've found while living in Italy in the future posts.

Needless to say, their recognition worldwide is based on the fact that their products, specialized in knitwear, are made in Italy, which is a key phrase everyone knows - one of the best qualities in the world. I got to know this brand as soon as I moved to Italy as it catched my eye, especially their knits, dresses and accessories that are different than the others on the market but still recognizable with their signature Italian taste that stands out in the crowd. So I'm over the clouds to add to my wardrobe the second TWIN-SET piece of mine. The first one was also a gift, a dress, but that I'll show you much later, when the weather will start to kick in some higher temperatures.

I could actually go on and on about how I love this jumper, it is a bit festive but still casual, feminine and edgy, colorful but not too much, cropped but so warm. It is both - less and more.
The brogue boots, my fellow companions everywhere. You will see still a lot of them because they're really the best. And my earrings, they have a special meaning. The elephant one is special to me because of my love for these animals and the direct translation of my boyfriend's last name is "elephant"-ov.

ray of sunlight

Casually soaking up the sun on the balcony in the middle of winter. Oh, what a pleasure!
And nothing better than a boyfriend cardigan to keep me warm from the winter winds sneaking up, don't be fooled by the warm sunshine, it's still cold outside.
I must admit, I'm in love with these colours, khaki and bordeaux red and I'm even happier that I found these red jeans last season on sale. I originally wanted to rip the knees on these but I just love them too much to rip 'em apart, at least for now, hehe.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

little update

Oh, these holidays made me lose track of time!
It's already 6th January and my little vacation is almost over. It's actually really sad this time, because I've been waiting to reunite with my love since September and now, after circa 2 weeks together, we have to go back to our LDR realities.

So, in one of the previous posts I said that I have a bunch of surprises and that's why I've been so absent here. First surprise was the one on 19th December, my boyfriend thought  that he was picking up his mum at the airport and instead I popped out at the arrivals. It was so exciting and emotional, I loved finally surprising him for real.

The other surprise, I'm finally equipped with a really good smartphone, bye bye 2 pixels, hello 20.7 MP!! That means more photos on ALL the social media networks where I am: my Instagram, my personal Facebook page and my Twitter. And I'm on another platform now, Pinterest. I signed there up to get my imagination and creativity boosted, just "liking" those beautiful healthy snacks and desserts makes me want to throw on an apron and start cooking (I don't like cooking, normally). I use Pinterest practically just to pin and save all those photos that I really love, find new places to add to my future-vacation map and interesting ideas.

Next one, I'm writing down many topics to write about here, so I guess I won't be so absent anymore here, even though I have so much to do IRL rather than online, but I will find time for both.

Hope you all are having a great time and enjoyed your holidays, no matter how long or short they were. Love!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Technology and media around us: our friend or our enemy?

I'm writing this article sitting on the floor of   Frankfurt Hahn Airport, Germany, waiting for my flight that is delayed. All of my concentration goes to this article right here right now and I caught myself comparing me with this laptop on my lap and me usually without it.

My usual airport routine consists in: arriving more than the necessary time ahead (because I have a huge fear of missing my flights), checking my gate, if not yet ready then at least in which direction I should go, getting to my gate and staying there and waiting as if I would leave also the gate would run away and never come back resulting me into missing the flight and getting real sad. So I just usually sit there, even for 2 hours if needed, and patiently wait. If I get hungry I'm usually prepared already for that so that I won't have to look for some decent place to eat. Ok, in this case in Hahn I indulged in McDonald's tasty/awful food because I have/had around 3 hours to spend doing nothing until I can just approach slowly to my flight or any information about it.

When I'm travelling alone I usually just stick to my routine, to myself and just be a good airport guest, I never fight with anyone or get involved in anything. (I'll dedicate a post about my airport experiences later in another post because I have some stories I'd love to share and I have a lot to say about the whole thing.)
If I'm travelling with someone the routine is usually the same, the only difference is in the use of social media, smartphone and Internet.
As you may understand, travelling alone involves a lot of listening to music, reading, writing, maybe even sleeping, playing damn embarassing games on my smartphone or iPod (it's so old it could be hipster-vintage), just doing my thing.
And sometimes I tend to criticise in my mind those people who are attached to their devices more than to their marriages or other human relations, but I kind of get it now. A lot of people nowadays work through their smartphones and PC's, they pass their working time on their devices just to have more free time later at home, they don't bring work home, they leave it in the borders of their smartphones, tablets, laptops and Internet connection. That could be my biggest pro for this smartphone era.
What about the con? No more kindness, no more "sorry"'s if someone steps on your foot and slams the door in your face unwillingly. There is just no connection between Online and reality, human interaction and the sound of a new e-mail.
But all in all, that doesn't make us worse human beings. We are just adapting differently to this new era and what it brings along. And you know what? I ain't even mad! I love technology, I love seeing how the mankind has evolved and to be the kid who still had a childhood playing with insects in the garden and now to be able to multitask on my laptop and smartphone and to be connected with my loved ones throught Internet. 

The ending of this article should be the answer to the question in the title. And it is - both. Unfortunately we don't always know where to draw the line between social media use and human interactions, between a handshake and a poke on Facebook or a like on Instagram. Avoiding to get sucked totally in the technology and being an ass, would be paying more attention to basic relations between people and surroundings not getting too attached to neither of them.