Friday, 26 December 2014

merry little holidays

First of all, I've started to just wish happy holidays to everyone and not Christmas because I've realised how many differently religious people surround me and I'm trying not be an asshole by wishing them a happy Christian festivities when they're not a part of them.

However, Christmas time can be a bitch. Sorry for my language but it's true.
Move aside magical Christmas Spirit, the smell of freshly baked gingerbreadmen and shopping madness. Christmas isn't all fun and peace, it has it's downside too. Like, it's especially hard to cope for those families or individuals who have lost their loved ones because in this time of the year some feel the absence more than on a normal day. Some maybe just quarelled with someone and can't overcome their pride so they pass the holiday season being all grumpy. Others maybe just don't see the magic in the Christmas as it is already taken over by the big industries and made into a shopping spree and unnecessary, dumb thing buying.
For me, this festive season has brought nothing but stress. Of course, also the good kind but the bad kind just tags along whatever I do. It unleashes unwelcomed fights and misunderstandings, inappropriate sense of humor that makes me tell jokes about really dark stuff (because I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor) or we just don't think so much about what we are about to say. And we don't do the things, the chores that we have to actually do and finish by the time the holidays have passed. So it just keeps us on such a high wave of happiness and then lets us fall down and crush into the wild ocean of responsibilites that we have to take care of. It is good to turn your brain off once in a while but I just know that with my working routine I will not get shit done by it's deadline. And I could do many things to prevent it but this is too much of a deeply rooted habit that it's close to impossible to change.

But I didn't want this post to be completely negative. Late nights just get the best of me and my sentimental heart (and realistic-thinking brain).
I love the holidays, I truly love giving gifts more than receiving them, I love wrapping them and unwrapping, I love decorating the Christmas tree and making fun of how crooked the tree stands. It's all fun and I love it, I can feel the love in the air especially in this time of the year. But as I said, I'm a sucker for realism and this all sugar-coated holiday has it's dark side.

Still, wishing everyone health, understanding, patience, happiness, a little bit of luck and most of all - love. Because love does make the world go 'round.
And see you in the next blog post from Italy!

 (photo credit: pinterest)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Unintentional Nike Advertisement

But intentionally bought as a couple anniversary gift last spring, because ... why not?
As I mentioned already, this year's December is full of things to do, errands to run and surprises.
First surprise - me. Haha, no, not like that. My boyfriend's mum had the best idea ever, that I would be his present for his birthday, as in - surprise, babe, it's me at the airport and not your mum! Needless to say, he was left speechless and totally happy, not expecting a thing and there I was, after more than 3 months of not seeing each other because of our LDR and many impediments for me travelling to Italy or he to Germany, but we managed it now.
And I haven't been more happy to be back in his arms and just enjoying fully every moment together and not just sharing all the cool and boring stuff via Whatsapp or Skype.
But, real life is a bit of a bitch, so for the Christmas I'm back home in Germany and with a bunch of stuff to do for University but the silver lining is that on 27th I'm going back to Italy, still with a lot of work to do and write, but at least I'll be with my otter half (see what I did there, muahaha).
And for the first part of my lovely holiday chaos I decided to share with you some photos we shot in Souther Italy, near where my bf lives. Such beautiful surroundings, you will see more of it in the next posts. The quality isn't the most professional one, but better than nothing; shot with iPhone 6 and it's kinda cool effects.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

december, one

Wow, I just noticed I haven't published anything since the end of November. Honestly, I've been busy with life and university stuff; but I'm back, for now. I have some exciting plans for the holidays and I will share them later on.

I don't want to do the small talk here on the blog, those are for conversations with people you really don't want to spend those agonizing 10 minutes of your time, trying to prove that you can talk as a normally functioning human being. So I'll skip that.
When I was super-little I thought that the world consisted of my grandparents' house, my own house and Australia (don't ask why, I was obsessed as a kid). When I was a teenager I thought that my life consisted of where I lived and of fantasies about other contintents and how the life would be there. And now, at 21, I'm still expanding my horizons, still learning something new, if not each day, then each week for sure. It's absolutely fascinating going back in your own memories and remembering the things you thought and in time realizing and understanding them, and sometimes maybe also not understanding, because maybe you're not old yet or you just don't have to know that.
Destiny will take care of what I do and what I don't need to know at the moment. I believe in destiny. But not like crazy-believe, my actions don't depend on simple wish on a magical destiny path that will guide me through life, no. Absolutely, not. I'm my own guidance and on the road of this weird and beautiful journey I learn from other people and different surroundings. It's amazing how much I know now and how little I knew back then, even if at that "back then" time I thought that my brain just couldn't handle more information. But now I see it all the time, that my brain, our brains, are such good information keepers without capacity limit. And I love it.
Of course, there may be some bumps on the road, like usual girls with bitch faces and guys who don't know what the hell they are doing on Planet Earth. But I can learn from them too, I can take all the positive and negative things and elaborate them in a way they suite me. I always tend to examine all sorts of energies that people give out in the world and learn from them.
People often say "the world is little", because they meet old college friends on the street. And with all the techs and progress itself we are able to travel the whole wide world. And I don't like that expression, "the world is so little". It is so not true. It may seem like it but it will never get boring, ever. The fascinating thing about this world and our lives is that not one moment, gesture, word, day is the same. We never take off jackets the same exact way, we never talk in the same tone or to the same people over and over again. Each time is different. If you're a pessimist, you will not see this, but if you're a realist like me, you will agree. The world is not a boring or a depressing place, it is full of excitement, fear, risk, happiness and love. And all these pretty things and meaning can be found in any part of the world, in any object, person, animal, small or big. You just have to open your eyes and your mind to it all and absorb it. That is one damn good feeling.

But there aren't always positive things, of course. People mess up, say what they don't want to say or just zone out from everything and just don't care. Sometimes I mess up too, I can't always act like a sunshine and spit out rainbows! We all mess up, but how we deal with it later is totally only our business. I learn from it and I cherish everything that has made me the human I am now. And I'm not done, there is more my eyes have yet to see and my brain to computerize.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


the little inspiration post (if you look closely you can see that I'm a bit obsessed with Lana)

about last weekend

Not much to say this time, so it will be just an outfit post. As a student on a budget I'm in love with good bargains, like this heavy crop top from H&M. Leopard must be my favourite print of all since forever. It is so versatile, you can turn it easily from day look to night look and without looking cheap or messed up.
Happy weekend everyone, I'm off studying. Cheers!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

smart sunday

Look smart but still casual, it's Sunday! (well, at least the pictures were taken on a Sunday)
I've read and seen on the Internet that many girls added to their wardrobes blazers for their obsession with Pretty Little Liars. I've never watched it and I have about 7 blazers. My secret? Gossip Girl. It's where I got my inspiration while shopping when I was circa 16. And I will be forever grateful to the stylists of GG for changing my view on headbands, skirts, pretty but smart attire. And macaroons.
And - monochrome for the win!
The boots were quite an alternative choice of an anniversary gift from my boyfriend. Luckily they're so comfy, cool and warm. My inner 14 year-old punk is happy.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who above all else knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She is a woman that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone. She is a woman who I will never really get to know. 
by Your friend forever July 20, 2005 

(source: Urban Dictionary)

This must be one of the most accurate descriptions of what is beautiful, a beautiful woman.

Really, what is beautiful? What is worth being called beaufitul? The word itself is being misused so much these days and it has to get back to its real meaning and value.
Beauty is subjective, never objective. A rose can be beautiful but there will be one person in the crowd who will prefer lilies instead.

One of my favourite words from William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" (Act II, Scene II)
What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;
(source: wiki)

Why this quote? Because the word "beauty" can be replaced with so many other words, subjectively of course. For me, personally, "beauty" is my boyfriend's heart, his eyes, the sunsets, the sunrises, late mornings, perfectly made coffee, it is the feeling of being loved and to love others, it is the pterodactyls in your stomach while being in love, art, walks, smiles and I could go forever like this. I've learned that so many things in this life are beautiful and worth being called that. 

What I've noticed moving from a big city to a small village is that we adjust our standards of beauty by what we see day to day, what surrounds us and we are influenced maybe a bit too much from others' points of view.
In a small village a girl with straight hair, dark brown eyes and skinny legs will be the most beautiful girl of the village. But then in a bigger city the criteria changes drastically. In my hometown Riga the answer of what is beautiful will be much more different than from the little town Sarnico where I lived last year.
Alas, I'm so curious how someone from New York City or Johannesburg would define "beautiful", "beauty".

What makes one beautiful? Their facial features? Their body? Or their mind?
In my little life of 21 years I've learned, oh if I've learned, that the true beauty is in the feelings, how others make you feel. Of course, looking at a pretty face is much easier than accepting other people's acne or weird hair colour. But a pretty face fades while a beautiful heart remains.
A beautiful body can't be framed in some categories, we all have something to offer and something that we just want to hide from the world. And we must learn that we are not perfect, no one is, not even Robert Downey Jr. (shocker, right? still love him tho). No one and nothing can judge what is and what isn't worthy of appreciation. Love can open one's eyes, for real. It has opened mine to so much beautiful things around me that I haven't considered before, new friendships and new things, and new mistakes, expand your knowledge's horizons and let you enjoy life much much more and make you feel actually happily overflowing with beauty that is around us.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hand on the back of my neck

It's one of those nostalgic Saturday mornings when I scroll through some old photos with a slow cup of coffee and some chill music in the background. These photos must be my favourite ones from one of the fun shoots I did with my dear hun, Tania, still in Italy, 05.03.2013.
Abandoned "castle", palm trees, super cold March day and my ATM new leather skirt. In love.
In some of the pictures I tried to set the vibe of Lana del Rey's "Paradise" majorly thanks to the palm trees, wind in my hair and warm colour retouch.
All photos are her work, the makeup and the biggest part of retouch.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

storm in my mind, struggle on my fingertips

I want to write down all the million hundred thoughts that are swirling through my mind right now. Some are beautiful, some are shallow, some are smart and some are awful, and then there's a click. A click that just shuts my mind when I try to start to write them down. I really do believe that some of them are worthy to be shared with, some not. So I carefully select the ones that I want to let out in words. And then I end up browsing random old photos, changing the song for the 5th time and feeling like I'm in a hurry and stuck in one place at the same time. I wonder if someone else also feels this way sometimes. 

Like now, I just looked through my last 100 Facebook photos, what a sociopath. 

Writing itself is actually such an intimate thing, to share what one has created is hard. I remember watching some interviews with Florence Welch, from Florence & the Machine, where she said, and I don't quote because it was such a long time ago and false quotations are the worst thing someone could do, that releasing her second album "Ceremonials" was scary. Scary! A musical genius with a voice to kill for was afraid to let the world hear her and blow everybody's minds. She post-poned the release date because it didn't feel ready or right and I absolutely get that. For us it is another masterpiece from her and her band, a truly unique music, honey for our ears. For her it's her work, her insides are layed out in the open for the whole world to hear. Not all people are so brave to share their minds and hearts with others. For some of us it's even hard to open up to our friends, families or lovers. Imagine sharing your piece of mind with the w h o l e  world. Or at least with the people who are interested in reading/hearing/seeing what you've worked on.
Some artists just pop out one record after another, some writers do the same with books. I don't mean that that way they're no good, but I believe more in the music that you have to wait for and the books that you can't wait for. The wait makes it a hundred times better and it's even more wonderful if the thing that you're either hearing or reading or watching is already a piece of art, the whole time spent waiting on an album or a book becomes justified even and you know that the wait was worth it. You feel relieved and happy.

In school I've never had even one minute of struggle when I had to write an essay. But that was so easy actually, you are given an argument, an idea and you just have to elaborate it with your own experiences, thoughts and critique. Writing on your own, finding your own inspiration and where to start from isnt' that easy as a 60-minute essay. 

I'm just hoping for that click to never visit me again, because I have so much I want to express through words. 

(photo source: pinterest)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Long distance relationship. Shudder?
This kind of relationship has become some kind of a myth. But it shouldn't.

Ever since I learned what really went down in the Italian School System (no offense), I knew right away I didn't want to continue my studies in the sunshine and pizza land and so I moved to Germany. The instability of school schedule, the lack of respect between students and teachers (it works - or doesn't work - both ways), the lack of anonymity where it is needed and just the whole "don't trust anyone" that circles between teenagers in school environment was just too much for me.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The White Dress

Still dreaming of summer and everything that comes along with it, like little dresses, messy hair and all white everything.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mesh & Nike

The title says it all.
You may not see me walking down the street in this outfit, but I genuinely love this mash-up of styles.
When I first learned that sporty chic was a real thing, I was so so glad, because I've always enjoyed the comfort of sporty garments combined with feminine accents. It makes you feel ready for anything and still makes you feel like a girl. :)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Addicted to black

All black everything? Yes, please!

First Look

To create a welcoming atmosphere on my first look's post, I decided to let you see what I wore while exploring my newest crush - the city that I live near to and where everything's happening. It's Trier / Treves. 
It's the oldest city of Germany, but still not everyone knows about it's existence, so you better pick up a map and find, and fall in love with it just like I did. I came here for the first time around a year ago to visit my family. The city is small but so full, even the rain can't get tourists out of it. I think that I loved this city instantly because it kind of reminded me of my (kinda) hometown, Riga, only in a miniature size.

About the look, this is one of my favourite casual outfit. The flat ballerinas are my every year's must, and this pair I found on Asos and I couldn't resist, they're super simple and so comfortable! The skirt was a risky one, because of its short asymmetrical cut, but I loved it and how it looks, and it is beyond pretty and comfortable.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Let's get this started!

Hello to everyone!

I'm happy to welcome you all to my blog - Otterly me

My name is Ieva, I'm 21 and I'm Latvian, 
but currently I live and study in Germany,
in a little town near the oldest German city Trier (Treves).
For quite a while now I have had this urge deep inside my head and heart to write, to express myself not only in school's essays  but somewhere I could share my opinion on the little things in life, on fashion (my secret passion), maybe even on music (I have a thing for music since forever), on everything around me. I want to share my passion and what inspires me through words and photos. 

In today's world the most powerful form of art and expression, not only for women, is fashion. 
In fashion there will never be things that go totally out of style. Of course, some fashion staples will change from season to season, but true fashion sense is to find your own style and make it authentic by always updating it, exploring new horizons and taking risks even if it only means to shake up your wardrobe a little bit.

In next posts you will find more of myself, the part that almost no one knows and my fashion posts,
whether they are my photos or inspirations.

I hope to read your feedback, negative or positive, critique is always welcome. 

Meanwhile, you can follow my daily and not so daily posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Cheers, it's the weekend!