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winter crop

Fa la la la la! It's Christmas time and my heart and tummy are filled with joy and currently experiencing a little known thing called "food coma". At least I know I won't be eating sweets for the next few days. And that's why I'm feeling really brave and kind of excited about this post I'm writing for you.  As you can tell from the title - I'm going to talk about crop tops! In Winter! Yes, I'm not mistaken and you read it right. Crop tops and winter do get along just fine, if you know how to style them winter-appropriate. Of course, it's way more easy to do in summer as you just put on some high waisted shorts or skirt (or a skort, for that matter) and just throw a crop top and you're good to go. It's a bit trickier in the winter time but it's possible.

bohemian autumn

It's been almost a month between the last 2 posts. What can I say - it gets busy in life! Between uni, work, home and everything in between, I had close to zero time to sit down at the computer and write this. There's so much I want to say but since I've been waiting for over a week to share these next photos with you, I will save my words for later. It's been a month since the disaster in Paris, it's been almost 2 weeks since the day we had to rock'n'roll all night with Eagles of Death Metal in Italy and it's been quite a hectic situation ever since. My boyfriend and I bought the tickets to one of EODM's gigs in Italy to celebrate our (kind of) anniversary and were totally devastated when we heared the news on the 13/11/15. The tour was cancelled but we didn't cancel our trip. We went to Northern Italy, we didn't send back our tickets as they will be kept as a reminder - peace, love and death metal. And hopefully, we will see them live in t…

blazers and feathers

Lately, and today especially, I've been filled with so many positive experiences and I couldn't find a better time to write this next article these series. Music that influences my appearance, from clothes, accessories and shoes to my mindset itself. And on such a happy note, of course, I'll be talking about a band so dear to me, it's ridiculous! It's an all-male band, so one could would ask me, how can I even draw inspiration from men? It's simple. Easy. And amazingly effortless. Sometimes I find myself checking out guys' sections in the shops and online, just because the clothes look just oh-so-chill. Mostly everything looks good and if you don't have a boyfriend from who you can steal his sweatshirts, you can always find a good one in store (the hoodie, of course:) ).

Circolo 1901

Dear readers,
today I'm happy to introduce you to an amazing brand that I share many views and values with. It's Circolo 1901, a 
project concepted by Gennaro Dargenio, a successful textile industrialist well known in the fashion industry, famous for his attitude aimed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. By a window down in Puglia, Gennaro’s homeland and source of inspiration, he developed the idea of applying alternative materials to traditional models, and thanks to his creativity and experience, he has evolved it into a unique and innovative fashion project.

If you follow my social media shenanigans now and then, then you know that Puglia, Italy has a special place in my heart, it's my second home in many many ways. So obviously, I'm very delighted to participate in a little collaboration with a brand so personally special and close. 

The brand and their collection is all about an easy-classic attitude. Sounds perfect, am I right? An easy and cl…

the red dress

We all draw inspiration from somewhere, whether it's the weather, our icons and role models, books or tv shows. For me, it's mostly music. I draw every and any kind of creative ideas and inspirations based on what I'm listening to at the moment. Once I listen to a certain song, an imagery of the sound comes to my mind and since I was a kid I would imagine the possible music videos or photographs of what I'm hearing. Until this day, I can't help myself but always have a picture in my mind for each song that I listen to. And fashionwise, this plays a big role in all my choices of outer appearance.  This post will be divided in different parts, each of a different human in the music industry that has influenced my fashion choices and also way of thinking. So, welcome to the first part of this series of mine.

fall favourites from ASOS

Because, where else would I turn to search for the perfect fall basics, layering and statement pieces? As I've said it before, ASOS is my go-to online shop and every season their desigs get only better and better, bringing the trends from the catwalks to our closets. I've selected different pieces from their newest lines that will, hopefully, encourage you too to try different new and old trends this season. Enjoy my selection and don't forget to check out my new LET'S CONNECT buttons (on da sidebar) to keep up with all the new stuff :)

Me and Mirina

I feel a little guilty that I haven't posted as much as I'd want but there are a few good reasons behind that. Other than life, work and my addiction to sleep in at every chance I get, I've been waiting to do a proper post about my first collaboration ever on this blog. And I'm so happy that it is withMirina Collections.  If you follow me on Snapchat (@ otterlyme), then you already saw a sneak peak of the necklace I'm rocking.
In fact, as of now I'm one of their Ambassadors. This is all new to me but thanks to Brit, I've been up to date with every little thing and it's safe to say that they're really friendly and helpful, and ready to answer my every question (because I had lots of them!). Now I'm seriously crushing on their collection of necklaces, rings and other jewelry. They offer a huge range of styles to choose from also in clothes and accessories, but their necklaces, I think, are their trademark. And I was positively surpri…

pink flowers, white lace

What I would't give to spend just a little more time in the South, to soak up the sun a little bit more and dive in the clear blue sea just a few more times. And cherish the beauty that's mixed with (unfortunately) garbage and stray dogs. The way to enjoy the nation is to concentrate on the eye candy that is around every corner. The little streets, the different architecture in different cities, the habits of the locals, the nature, oh the nature! I'm an absolute realist, that's why I don't face away from the ugly part of it, like the dirty street sides, senseless graffiti and 13-year-old's smoking Red Marlboro. It belongs to the whole. And it's way more surprise-less to see it how it is, than to just focus on the pretty houses and delicious bakery goods. It's the way to really love a country, with it's flaws and all. And we all know that it works for people the same way. We all have our beautiful and not-so-beautiful side. And we have to embrace i…

high by the beach

Once upon a time I was in Italy. Again. And again, I fell in love. I fell in love with the cornetti and cafè americano, even if they look weird at you when you order it in the South. I fell in love just being there, by grasping on the idea that I'm lucky enough to have lived there and called it home. I'm grateful for all the good and the bad, because the good keeps you going and the bad makes you stronger. And the best part of Italy - every corner is so beautiful, that you could just turn it into a one big photo studio. The sun shines incredibly bright and the wind plays with your hair in a way no prop can stand next to it. This set of photos were taken by the sea, starting from a really small pine forest that leads to the sea, rumbling and crazy but so mesmerizing. It makes you feel free and open, happy and loved by your surroundings. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did doing them. And in terms of this blog - exciting things are coming! Keep your eyes peeled ...

Stripes and Denim

It's been almost a month since my last blogpost, omg! Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been hustling and afterwards enjoying my vacation in the beautiful Southern Italy with my boyfriend and our friends and family. It's been incredible, so much stuff has been going on, from participating in historical reenactments to eating the best pizza ever to visiting new cities and places... It's so overwhelming, I think if I'd live here, I would always be in awe. And quite frankly, I didn't get a chance to sit down and write because it was and is much more rewarding to live in the moment. For the last two years, every time I go somewhere, visit a new city, I catch myself always prepared to post, write or Instagram everything but at the end, I never do it because it doesn't feel right. But it does feel so right to just sit at a gelateria and enjoy the best fresh fruit ice cream and admire the sunset over the sea with my boyfriend. Truly, no social media update can…

the khaki boyfriend

Today I'm sharing with you another shot of pictures shot by my boyfriend... in my boyfriend jeans. That goes nicely together, doesn't it? 

the love/hate relationship with writing challenges

On the first day of July, I decided to take part of the #30daywriterchallenge without actually thinking what would it do to my blog. 
First of all, I met some like-minded people through this, which was one of the reasons I even started sharing my writing and photos. So that's a plus. But there's a big minus on this too.
The good thing about joining any challenge, group, community or a hashtag, is that you most likely will find others who share the same ideas and opinions, who are ready to discuss and share. They keep you motivated and personally, seeing the pageviews and increasing comments motivate the hell out of me! It feels as finally someone else besides my boyfriend is reading all of this. And it feels extremely good, so thank you for reading the words I'm typing down. It does mean a lot. 
But when you think about it ... You post an article every day for 30 days straight. It may boost your creativity, it may challenge you and make you want to both stop writing and n…

say it with a tee

Slogan t-shirts have been around since forever. Almost everyone has at least one of them in their wardrobe. But there are so many people out there, that have absolutely no idea what is written on the shirt, if that's a band or an ingredient, if it's in English or Google Translator English.  The thing is, the slogan tee is simple but not that simple if you don't have the knowledge of what's on it. All the fails are pretty easy to find on Google, so this won't be a slogan t-shirt fail post. I'd rather list (yes, once again, a list) some pretty simple, cool and decisive slogan tees that can't go wrong (and that won't let you end up famous for wearing grammar errors on your chest).
(full of grammar errors, just like tumblr that I got this pic from)

5 bags that every woman should have

Disclaimer: this is absolutely and only my opinion! haha, however, by owning too many bags, I have come to a conclusion that only few are necessary. Yes, the shiny one on sale is oh so flirty and cute, but will you ever have the guts to wear it outside and not only in front of your mirror or uploading a really art-sy pic with it on Instagram? Time has approved that quality is always better than quantity. And in the field of bags, it is really important. I will first share some tips of choosing a bag and then my top 5 bags with followable links in case you want to grab them actually. :)
(pic originally from Fashion Gone rouge, edited by me)

blue x white

This is the eleventh post of the #30daywriter challenge. I missed some days because of, well, life. But I'll catch up at the beginning of August to complete the full 30 days. Tonight I wanted to share with you these few photos I shot with my boyfriend. I'm just so happy looking at pictures he takes of me because I look so natural, not posed at all and overall happy. I wish we could actually work like this together. He's my dream team.

The Blog Tour Award

Do I have to remind you that it's Monday? I think not :) This Monday I'm happy to be tagged by the beautiful Ella from In Ella's Element to participate in The Blog Tour Award, as suggested by the title. This was actually a total blog-post-saver, as only late afternoon I realised that I still haven't thought of an idea for today's post until I remembered about this nomination! So, the next bloggers that I will nominate, don't wait for the last moment like I did! :)
(pic from MirrorTheLove)

things I learned working as a waitress

Let's start with the fact that some people looked weird at me when I found my first job ever, as a waitress. At least, first paid job ever. I mean, what's wrong with working and earning. I was very disappointed at some responses, but felt majorly motivated because of the feedback I got at my job. It's not my career, after all. It's a job that allows me to have fun, shop, save up and just be more independent from anyone. Thanks to my 3rd job at an ice cream parlor, I could contribute in paying my own bills when I was living with my boyfriend who also then worked as a waiter. When we worked at the same place for 6 months - he was the best colleague ever. Like, ever. My bosses have been different, one was a difficult person to handle through the day but your best friend by the evening, one was just brilliant and one ... I won't comment on that overly negative backboneless person... Let's leave it for later :) So, I've had my fair share of experiences working …

back to basics

As you all may know by now, I'm probably the biggest fun and admirer of ASOS own fashion brand. It's always my go-to website if I ever need anything in particular for a special occasion or just to lose some time and browse through. They're always armed with the latest trends and if does seem like they know their audience and what we need and like.  For this post I've decided to choose from their website some staple pieces to create a timeless outfit that is always ready to be dressed up or down, regarding on different occasions. I'm more of a type that chooses comfort over everything but there's nothing better than finding something you feel comfortable in and beautiful.

and another 11 things you didn't know about me

I guess, I should work on being more introvert on here to keep myself interesting! You guys will already know a lot about me. But there are another 11 million things I would like to share. But let's leave that for later (much later).
The lovely Yvette from tagged me in her 11 questions and I loved them, so I couldn't not answer! Click on READ MORE to, well, read more, t.i., the questions and answers.

5 things that make waking up early so beautiful

Today is another Monday (it's just another manic Monday, ooh ooh), if you've one of my recent posts, you will know that I don't hate Mondays like the other 99,99% of Earth's population. Even though I had to wake up at 5 am, get ready in half an hour and be at work at 6 am. It is darn early, but it is not bad. Actually, it's pretty great. And let me tell you why.

the heat is real

Oh, yes, it is! I'm waiting for the thunderstorm to arrive more than I usually wait for my birthday or Christmas. So, this heatwave has got me thinking only about the sea, the upcoming vacation, beach and, of course, bikinis!  It's always a big thing for me to find the perfect bikini. I usually just purchase anything that looks decent, because it's extra rare that something fits me perfectly as I would wish. Not all of us are Triangl models! So, even though, I sometimes slip and buy something only out of buying, I do browse a lot and try on many different kinds to find the o n e. You may think - what's so hard in finding a bikini? Well, when I was a kid, everything looked cute. Now, as an adult, my body has changed and, I don't want to call them problem zones because they're not causing any, I just can't put on anything and it will magically look good. That's why there are so many types and cuts, and fabrics bikinis are made of. So, here, take a look o…

the ones that inspire

It's the fourth day of the #30daywriter challenge and it is really challenging. Not that I have nothing to write about, but I usually write a post when I feel like it, when I know that the content I am going to share will be relevant and hopefully fun or interesting to read. I would never want to publish anything out of "just because". Even if I'm still such a newbie at this, I'm no Kristina Bazan or Gwyneth Paltrow of blogging, I want my posts to be as accurate and sincere as possible. It's not an excuse, just because you're new, to provide blog posts with close to zero significance and content. If we all want to get good at something, we have to work for it, put ourselves in it and try to get out the best results as possible. Practice makes perfect, so probably in 2 years time, going back to your first posts, you will see how much you've evolved and in what kind of a writer you've grown in. I wish to see this change and not be embarrassed by wh…

11 things ...

It's day 3 of #30dayswriter challenge and it's still hot, in every possible way. The ice cream that I documented on my Instagram, melted in no more than 2 minutes. Can we just make it a national holiday here in Germany and all go together to have ice cream and jump in the pools and not do anything that requires tight and long clothing and pants? Thanks.  For my third day of the challenge I decided to answer the blogging meme I was tagged in by the sweetest blogging family Tin Box Traveller (click on the link to read their post of "11 things"). 
 click on read more to see the questions and my answers - 

it's the heatwave talking

Day 2 of #30daywriter. And it's hot out here. Everyone's melting. Ok, no, not yet.
By browsing through different blog posts, trying to find some inspiration for a new blog post for this blogging challenge. Why not introduce a new kind of post?!  The inspo taken from the lovely Matilda from JustMeMatti. She conducted an interview with me on her blog, you can read it here.
So now I ask you something a little bit different. You interview me, like a Q&A. Leave me your comments/questions here or

on Instagram
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and I will be so happy to answer them!
In the meantime, stay hydrated, don't stay too much in the sun and take care!


moon of my life

It's 1st July and it finally feels like summer here in Germany! With the heat wave bringing us +36 degrees, swoosh, everyone's packing out summer clothes and sweating it in the public transport! Agh, I missed summer in city!
And to celebrate, I'll be doing a challenge. It's the #30daywriter challenge that I stumbled upon on a Facebook Group for Blogging Opportunities. And since I love these types of challenges, this will combine fun and productivity. And for the first post I decided to go with something I had itching in my photo folder for a little while now :)

fire and blood

Hey y'all! After what seems like forever, here I am, writing again and hoping that there's still at least a soul left that will read this. The past few weeks have been crazy, many ups and downs but c'est la vie. I try to embrace every negative thing to make it work for me and learn from it. In the mean time, my boyfriend was visiting me again. The person who said that long distance relationships are doomed or stupid or the worst ever, probably has never experienced it with the right person. Each time we see it's like we've never been apart. But we are. And it sucks. But it's all for the better, right? The universe does its thing and we do ours and it's all good, not easy but good. Heh. So we shot these images before the grande finale of Game of Thrones. I must say, I was a weenie teenie bit upset that the only big wow of the whole season was Hardhome. Of course, there were so many important scenes and lines being said, but. But. Ok, let's now go into o…

look ahead

I've never understood why almost everyone has problems with Monday, with the beginning of the week and why they seem to be living only for the weekend. I, personally, am more of a Monday person (but still, not a morning one). I enjoy that a new week has begun, new things are ahead. Even if it's the same old routine, it still has this fresh feeling of something new, of new possibilities, maybe new routines, new pace through the whole week and even new chances of surprises. I love Mondays and I've been that weird kid in school, who in classes, if asked who their favourite weekday is, wouldn't raise my hand for the Friday or Saturday (or Sunday, for that matter). I stood out because I loved Mondays, because a lot can happen on Mondays (and any other underrated weekday). For example, I was born on a Monday. So, the planets and the universe maybe are naturally influencing me on loving Mondays and I'm not against it, at all. In fact, I embrace the love of beginnings bec…

Summer favourites from ASOS

As you may already know, ASOS is my go-to online store. The products are updated almost every day so the site is never dull. The selection of brands is impossibly huge and their own collection rocks my socks off. I can always find there everything I need for a special occasion or just when I want to refresh my closet with something new. As for the prices - they are wallet-friendly for every pocket. And the price-quality correlation is spot on! All in all, it is "the prince on a white horse" of online shops. In a majorly good way, of course.
While thinking about when to book my plane tickets to spend beautiful time at the sea with my boyfriend, I clearly spent way too much time looking for the perfect outfits to match the vacation vibe. ASOS really has it all, from boho vibe dresses to gypsy tops, lace-all-over everything and the now-in 70's trend pieces. So I gathered some of my absolute favourites, with price range going from low to really high too, as in the case for t…

travel diary: birthday weekend

It's been too long since I wrote my last post on the blog. I could say that I was kept super busy and that's why I couldn't get anything written but that would mean I'm lying. Many things did happen though and I was just too lazy or too tired to scrabble something. And I didn't want to "just" write something as I wanted to tell you all something. So after getting all the photos together from my birthday trip to Amsterdam, I'm finally putting it down in words. If you follow me on Instagram (@otterly_me) or Snapchat (otterlyme), or even Facebook (Otterly me), then you definitely already saw what we were up to. The photos aren't many because I decided long ago to take it all in through the eyes and not through the lense. Of course, it's heart-warming to scroll through photographs later on and remember everything, but even better is to have that memory in your head as it is easier to relive it when it's inside your head rather than your smart…

wear your greens

It's so tricky to wear green color sometimes. But fortunately the fashion world has right now some really cool shades out there, think teal, green water/forest and khaki (this could be a great debate, because half of my friends say that khaki is green and the other one - brown). And the green ensemble in this post kinda eats on each other because they're all different greens. Though, it may just work fine. Not perfect, fine.  I'm wearing my favourite heels, that I've actually worn only twice since buying them some years ago. They're comfy, they're stable and they're classic. Yes, they're not summer heels but since the summer lasts just a couple of months and the colder weather is creeping from every corner it's nice to have a pair of heels that won't let your feet freeze. Plus, this was an enormous bargain and not even from a second-hand but a regular shoe shop somewhere in Italy, too bad I don't know the name of it. So, here you go, my gre…

simple monochrome

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, then do! haha), then you've seen the first photo already and know that I've been feeling under the weather for a couple of days and haven't posted anything decent. Until now. Today was the first day of my second uni semester. I have mixed feelings. But then again, I have mixed feelings about everything. However, I rewarded myself with my beautiful Wrangler sandals because they're perfect and I can't wait to wear them (sun, where ya at?).
But in this post I'm showing just a few pictures my boyfriend took of me just because, why not. I love this shirt and I love what I've done to my hair. That is, instead of retouching my roots blonde (until now I've used L'Oreal nr. 10, 10.1 or 9 in worst case), I went for it and did them in dark blonde (nr.7) which is quite a difference, even my grandma noticed via Skype. Ok, but about hair some other time. This is not an outfit post, this is just a post with my face…

The Liebster Award

Wow, somebody actually aknowledges my blog's existence other than my boyfriend! Ok, I'm kidding, but for sure this was a surprise to be nominated from two very lovely bloggers - Foxtrot Beauty Spot and cuddlepill for the Liebster Awards, an interactive and fun way to get to know other new bloggers and get your own name out there!
I will answer all the questions, but two of them are the same so I will just blend them together! 
And as we're getting to know each other I have to admit one thing - I love answering questions and being interviewed, of sorts. I don't know why, but I just do. (insert an emoji with the monkey covering it's eyes)

And this is how it works: Link back and thank the person who nominated you. List 11 facts about yourself. (this I got only from cuddlepill and I will do these too, this is so fun!) Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you. Nominate 11 blogs/bloggers who have 200 followers or less and give them 11 questi…

5 things your mum was right about shopping...

...and your wardrobe and shopping choices!
As you may notice, my blog's appearance has been freshend  up a bit because of following reasons: 1. it's  spring, 2. I wanted it to look "cleaner" and "fresher", if you know what I mean, and 3. because I found this amazing free template through Bloglovin' thanks to herand her, so thank you blogger communities for being so awesome!
And with a fresh breeze of bloggin air, I've decided to introduce also other kinds of posts on my blog to keep it more fun! So this time, I'm listing 5 things that your mum (talking from experience with my dear momma) did know better than you about clothes, even if you didn't or don't want to believe her. I've learned it the hard way but at least I did learn it eventually. :)
(photo source: pinterest)

from Ladurée with Love

Has this photo got your attention? Good :)  As I'm still trying to figure out in which particular way my blogposts should go, I'll keep posting whatever I feel like sharing. Like it was with Angelina's post, #GleeGoodbye, my inspo posts and now I'm sharing a food inspired post about the oh-so-mainstream-but-who-cares beauty that is macaroons.  Having tried out many different places, Ladurée remains my favourite. But maybe I just haven't met the right one ;) And I count myself lucky to live just an hour of car ride away from Luxembourg City where I can get them! And the shop is the most prettiest, luxurious little place with great service (when it's crowded, there's a doorman who opens the doors for you -insert emoji with hearts instead of eyes-) and selection of macaroons, summer and winter specials, cakes and souvenirs. All that magic in one little corner. And speaking about magic - Ladurèe is also very active collaborating with different celebrities, des…

festival spirit

Since I was of legal age to attend festivals I never actually had the chance. Oh, the irony. I love everything about them: the unending lineup of musicians, sleeping or not sleeping in tents, booze (even if I drink rarely, a cold beer in a hot summer day is unbeatable), mary-jane, friends, new friends, overly kind strangers and other activities. I don't know exactly what goes down there but I can imagine. If only I could have one summer without falling everything I have to do in the same dates as the festivals that I would love to visit. If only... But instead of grieving about not having tickets for this summer I still gathered all of my favourite garments and accessories in a festival/boho/hipster style.  You can see I'm a die-hard fan of ASOS, so I combined my asos-faves with my Forever 21 picks. F21 just might be the perfect shopping destination for a student budget and a great effortless style. So on point! I hope you enjoy and leave feedback!  Click on READ MORE for MOR…

about Angelina and women

As many of you may have read in the news these last days, you've might have encountered some headlines like "Jolie removes her ovaries" or "Angelina Jolie is no longer a woman" or "Angelina Jolie: let's get rid of the ovaries". Not only because I study media communication, but also because I'm a woman, I find these headlines and the majority of the articles absolutely irrespectful, degrading to those who have written them and majorly inadequate. Some of those "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves. They mostly just spit out that Mrs. Jolie Pitt has decided to "cut out" her ovaries and fallopian tubes because she is afraid. PEOPLE, PLEASE. Inform yourselves before writing those stupid, uneducated, hateful comments!! You clearly have only read the yellow press or worse - only the headlines.

I can't explain with how much anger for the haters and respect for Angelina Jolie I'm writing this. The negative comments,…

Seeing hearts

St. Valentine's is far gone already, but as I mentioned in this post, heart print remains my favourite of them all. Of course, I'm a sucker for leopard print and stripes big time, but hearts are just like the base of my being. Simply because I think that I was put on this world to love and be loved, and that's exactly how I feel and I love to celebrate love in every form and way, even if it's just a print on a piece of clothing. You may also critisize me because I'm wearing a playsuit in winter (these photos were taken in February and it was darn cold outside), but first - I don't care. I love the playsuit and I will wear it where, when and how I want to, that's why I got it in the first place. Second - this is for all the concerned mothers that think that I'm too poorly dressed for the weather - I'm wearing a long-sleeve top underneath, 80den thights and a very warm coat. It just doesn't get better, or warmer, than with this layering. (insert …


I just watched the finale of Glee. It tore open all of my emotions, from happiness to sadness. I teared up more than ever. You may think this is childish and stupid. Let me put this straight.
6 years of a TV show, topics like LGBT, sex change, bullying, death threats, shootings etc. These aren't just problems that occur in America. They are everywhere, in every country, in every city, on a bigger or a smaller scale. But they exist.

Touching these subjects was not the backbone of the show. Of course, they kind of translated these problems and struggles in a way that kids and parents who watched it, could understand them. They raised awareness of the struggles that we all go through.

The real backbone of Glee was acceptance: of yourself, of others, of how cruel and beautiful the world can be. It teached kids and teenagers about teen pregnancy, bullying, struggles of a kid in a wheelchair. And it taught also that none of it should stop you from who you want to be and what you want t…

black graffiti

A tourist in your own city is a really rewarding thing. While guiding your relatives or friends, or giving directions to a stranger, you re-visit the place you live in and even re-evaluate some of it's qualities, what the city has to offer, hotspots and new discoveries.  I'm more of a 21st century girl when it comes to graffiti, i.e., I love it. It is my favourite kind of contemporary art. I find it rebellious, beautiful and clever. Have you ever noticed how the graffiti artists try to blend their work in with the circumstances, with the scenery or the building? I'm not talking about those graffitis that are sad jokes, awful waste of good spray paint and a good wall. I'm talking about the anonymous artists who do their best to make a piece of urban style art. Banksy, for example, is the absolute god of graffiti, and Space Invader is awesome too.   I already talked my lungs out regarding graffiti a couple of years ago in my Trinity exam, it was so fun to have an examin…

Adventure time x Vans

Ready for a new little adventure? Since I live not even an hour away from Luxembourg city, I had to bring my boyfriend there. I love to see the immediate difference between Germany and Luxembourg, between the german villages that I have to drive through and the luxembourgish ones. On the border they are almost attached but already different - the houses, the streets, the people. But the city is what I love the most. It's not too big and not too small. I've been there a thousand times and I still get lost (also while taking these pictures), but I never miss a visit to Ladurée. And the near-by high street shops are a feast to the eyes (think Hervé Léger, BCBG Max Azria, Chanel etc.). But about the macarons, in a different post - keep your eyes peeled!

We're going to very (not so) distant lands

Hey, everyone!
Since Thursday evening I've been in heaven - my otter (see what I did there) half came to visit me! And we've been enjoying our time together doing absolutely nothing, having late breakfasts and also going on little adventures (hint on my Instagram) like this one.
That evening we were just strolling around the city and already heading home. Although there are far more prettier places in the city, I wanted to shoot these photos on a much more basic background since also my outfit was pretty laid back with a little cool detail - Adventure Time Finn & Jake Backpack!
These Puma sneakers have been with me for a long time now and as I'm now in a much faster pace in my everyday I decided to also wear them a lot more than just three times a year. And yes, they are super comfortable.

black and white

Inspiration also comes in black and white ...

NYFW Runway favourites, part 2

And here it is - the 2nd part of my NYFW favourites.
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NYFW Runway favourites, part 1

New York Fashion Week has ended a few days ago and the next one, London FW, is in full action! Fashion statements, surprises, innovations and firm classics are swirling in the air and making everyone in fashion world grasp for air. Everything is so exciting, fresh and fast! The runways and catwalks are dominated by fierce models and with pleasant surprises, such as my favourite show's ever actress Jamie Brewer hitting the runway making history being the first model (role model) to walk on the runway with Down syndrome at Carrie Hammer's fashion show.  In this article I've gathered my favourite looks on NYFW catwalks, from classic feminine chic of Ralph Lauren and aggressively beautiful Wang. This is the first part (of a total of two) of this article so stay tuned for the second part to discover the other looks I loved from New York Fashion Week's runways!  Click on READ MORE to continue reading and exploring:

more than curiosity

the little inspirational post with a stronger sence of fashion

let's talk about negativity

I really have to gather myself together before putting my thoughts out about this. I'll probably add more to this later on but right now this is what has been on my mind. This will be a really personal post and I would like for you to share your experiences also (in the comments' box below).
I am not going to name names, try to make someone feel guilty or feel pity/sad for me. No. This is not my purpose, I don't want to radiate negative thoughts and energy. For the last months I've been practicing being positive, finding the good in everything and everyone and it has changed my inner world. It doesn't mean that I've become a buddhist or that I'm naive and don't see the bad. I see it all, I just choose wisely now what to let and not let get a hold of me. I'm the only one in charge of what impresses me in a positive or negative way. I've learned to channel the negative and absorb the positive and give it back to others. 
And I do not want my blog…

Mercury, it's your fault!

So, as some of you may know or not, I currently study Communications, to make it short (and Spanish as a secondary subject) at the Uni and I wanted to share an article I wrote as a homework. It is not much but I personally felt that this little research about Mercury Retrograde explained a lot what was happening to me, my laptop and my smartphone. My phone went bananas, the Internet would occasionally bail on me and my laptop was a pure rebel at heart. Luckily the Retrograde is coming to an end (on 11th February).
The best part is that this is science and one cannot just say "pff, I don't believe in that stuff". This is scientifically proven and it is just awesome. Too bad I don't have the patience to sink myself into this more but I love this kind of stuff and I hope you do too!
Mercury Retrograde...
... what is it? Does it influence us all? How to live through it without getting into too much trouble? Mercury Retrograde happens circa 3 times a year, this year we&#…


Nothing better than lazy week-ends, even if I should really start studying for my exam. Oh well, just a couple more minutes of procrastination, please!  Thumbs-up for my super-neutral-but-still-cool walls.