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merry little holidays

First of all, I've started to just wish happy holidays to everyone and not Christmas because I've realised how many differently religious people surround me and I'm trying not be an asshole by wishing them a happy Christian festivities when they're not a part of them. However, Christmas time can be a bitch. Sorry for my language but it's true. Move aside magical Christmas Spirit, the smell of freshly baked gingerbreadmen and shopping madness. Christmas isn't all fun and peace, it has it's downside too. Like, it's especially hard to cope for those families or individuals who have lost their loved ones because in this time of the year some feel the absence more than on a normal day. Some maybe just quarelled with someone and can't overcome their pride so they pass the holiday season being all grumpy. Others maybe just don't see the magic in the Christmas as it is already taken over by the big industries and made into a shopping spree and unn

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But intentionally bought as a couple anniversary gift last spring, because ... why not? As I mentioned already, this year's December is full of things to do, errands to run and surprises. First surprise - me. Haha, no, not like that. My boyfriend's mum had the best idea ever, that I would be his present for his birthday, as in - surprise, babe, it's me at the airport and not your mum! Needless to say, he was left speechless and totally happy, not expecting a thing and there I was, after more than 3 months of not seeing each other because of our LDR and many impediments for me travelling to Italy or he to Germany, but we managed it now. And I haven't been more happy to be back in his arms and just enjoying fully every moment together and not just sharing all the cool and boring stuff via Whatsapp or Skype. But, real life is a bit of a bitch, so for the Christmas I'm back home in Germany and with a bunch of stuff to do for University but the silver lining is

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Wow, I just noticed I haven't published anything since the end of November. Honestly, I've been busy with life and university stuff; but I'm back, for now. I have some exciting plans for the holidays and I will share them later on. I don't want to do the small talk here on the blog, those are for conversations with people you really don't want to spend those agonizing 10 minutes of your time, trying to prove that you can talk as a normally functioning human being. So I'll skip that. When I was super-little I thought that the world consisted of my grandparents' house, my own house and Australia (don't ask why, I was obsessed as a kid). When I was a teenager I thought that my life consisted of where I lived and of fantasies about other contintents and how the life would be there. And now, at 21, I'm still expanding my horizons, still learning something new, if not each day, then each week for sure. It's absolutely fascinating going back in your