Monday, 27 July 2015

the khaki boyfriend

Today I'm sharing with you another shot of pictures shot by my boyfriend... in my boyfriend jeans. That goes nicely together, doesn't it? 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

the love/hate relationship with writing challenges

On the first day of July, I decided to take part of the #30daywriterchallenge without actually thinking what would it do to my blog. 

First of all, I met some like-minded people through this, which was one of the reasons I even started sharing my writing and photos. So that's a plus. But there's a big minus on this too.

The good thing about joining any challenge, group, community or a hashtag, is that you most likely will find others who share the same ideas and opinions, who are ready to discuss and share. They keep you motivated and personally, seeing the pageviews and increasing comments motivate the hell out of me! It feels as finally someone else besides my boyfriend is reading all of this. And it feels extremely good, so thank you for reading the words I'm typing down. It does mean a lot. 

But when you think about it ... You post an article every day for 30 days straight. It may boost your creativity, it may challenge you and make you want to both stop writing and never leave the keyboard at the same time. It's more than the usual Instagram challenge where you just post a photo with the right hashtag for 30 days. To get out a content for an article is much more challenging than what you could think. And I've taken some stops in the middle of this challenge. Why? Because since day 1 of publishing my blog I've said and I will stay true to this - I'm creating a valuable content. I don't want to spit out something just to put the check mark. It even feels a little like spamming. I'm no daily newspaper that has to be published every single day. I am afraid that my posts may lose value, credibilty and relevance if I keep on writing something just for the sake of writing. That was never my intention and I won't fall in that pit. 

I love that this challenge really made me research different types of blog post ideas, I found new blogs to read and overall it did kickstart my creative mind. But I just don't feel comfortable posting every single day just to fit in the thirty days. It may be helpful to get you started, to get you inspired from others. But if it doesn't fit, it doesn't and it shouldn't make you feel frustrated like it did when I realized I've missed a whole week on writing. I write when I feel like it. And it's such a personal thing, that no one should make you feel under pressure for it or make you write down some non sense. 

So, I will continue to contribute each post I do to the challenge, but not every day. I will try tho, but if I will feel that it's just not going to happen, then I won't. This all for the sake of my initial idea for this blog.

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, 18 July 2015

say it with a tee

Slogan t-shirts have been around since forever. Almost everyone has at least one of them in their wardrobe. But there are so many people out there, that have absolutely no idea what is written on the shirt, if that's a band or an ingredient, if it's in English or Google Translator English. 
The thing is, the slogan tee is simple but not that simple if you don't have the knowledge of what's on it. All the fails are pretty easy to find on Google, so this won't be a slogan t-shirt fail post. I'd rather list (yes, once again, a list) some pretty simple, cool and decisive slogan tees that can't go wrong (and that won't let you end up famous for wearing grammar errors on your chest).

(full of grammar errors, just like tumblr that I got this pic from)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 bags that every woman should have

Disclaimer: this is absolutely and only my opinion! haha, however, by owning too many bags, I have come to a conclusion that only few are necessary. Yes, the shiny one on sale is oh so flirty and cute, but will you ever have the guts to wear it outside and not only in front of your mirror or uploading a really art-sy pic with it on Instagram? Time has approved that quality is always better than quantity. And in the field of bags, it is really important. I will first share some tips of choosing a bag and then my top 5 bags with followable links in case you want to grab them actually. :)

(pic originally from Fashion Gone rouge, edited by me)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

blue x white

This is the eleventh post of the #30daywriter challenge. I missed some days because of, well, life. But I'll catch up at the beginning of August to complete the full 30 days.
Tonight I wanted to share with you these few photos I shot with my boyfriend. I'm just so happy looking at pictures he takes of me because I look so natural, not posed at all and overall happy. I wish we could actually work like this together. He's my dream team.

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Blog Tour Award

Do I have to remind you that it's Monday? I think not :) This Monday I'm happy to be tagged by the beautiful Ella from In Ella's Element to participate in The Blog Tour Award, as suggested by the title. This was actually a total blog-post-saver, as only late afternoon I realised that I still haven't thought of an idea for today's post until I remembered about this nomination! So, the next bloggers that I will nominate, don't wait for the last moment like I did! :)

(pic from MirrorTheLove)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

things I learned working as a waitress

Let's start with the fact that some people looked weird at me when I found my first job ever, as a waitress. At least, first paid job ever. I mean, what's wrong with working and earning. I was very disappointed at some responses, but felt majorly motivated because of the feedback I got at my job.
It's not my career, after all. It's a job that allows me to have fun, shop, save up and just be more independent from anyone. Thanks to my 3rd job at an ice cream parlor, I could contribute in paying my own bills when I was living with my boyfriend who also then worked as a waiter. When we worked at the same place for 6 months - he was the best colleague ever. Like, ever.
My bosses have been different, one was a difficult person to handle through the day but your best friend by the evening, one was just brilliant and one ... I won't comment on that overly negative backboneless person... Let's leave it for later :)
So, I've had my fair share of experiences working with people, serving food, managing reservations, foreign clients and what not. And a few weeks ago, I found here in Germany my first job as a student. And it's magnificent in terms of flexibility, friendliness and everything. If you click on "read more", you'll find the list of things that I've learned until today.

.gif from BuzzFeed

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

back to basics

As you all may know by now, I'm probably the biggest fun and admirer of ASOS own fashion brand. It's always my go-to website if I ever need anything in particular for a special occasion or just to lose some time and browse through. They're always armed with the latest trends and if does seem like they know their audience and what we need and like. 
For this post I've decided to choose from their website some staple pieces to create a timeless outfit that is always ready to be dressed up or down, regarding on different occasions. I'm more of a type that chooses comfort over everything but there's nothing better than finding something you feel comfortable in and beautiful.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

and another 11 things you didn't know about me

I guess, I should work on being more introvert on here to keep myself interesting! You guys will already know a lot about me. But there are another 11 million things I would like to share. But let's leave that for later (much later).
The lovely Yvette from tagged me in her 11 questions and I loved them, so I couldn't not answer! Click on READ MORE to, well, read more, t.i., the questions and answers.

Monday, 6 July 2015

5 things that make waking up early so beautiful

Today is another Monday (it's just another manic Monday, ooh ooh), if you've one of my recent posts, you will know that I don't hate Mondays like the other 99,99% of Earth's population. Even though I had to wake up at 5 am, get ready in half an hour and be at work at 6 am. It is darn early, but it is not bad. Actually, it's pretty great. And let me tell you why. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

the heat is real

Oh, yes, it is! I'm waiting for the thunderstorm to arrive more than I usually wait for my birthday or Christmas. So, this heatwave has got me thinking only about the sea, the upcoming vacation, beach and, of course, bikinis! 
It's always a big thing for me to find the perfect bikini. I usually just purchase anything that looks decent, because it's extra rare that something fits me perfectly as I would wish. Not all of us are Triangl models! So, even though, I sometimes slip and buy something only out of buying, I do browse a lot and try on many different kinds to find the o n e. You may think - what's so hard in finding a bikini? Well, when I was a kid, everything looked cute. Now, as an adult, my body has changed and, I don't want to call them problem zones because they're not causing any, I just can't put on anything and it will magically look good. That's why there are so many types and cuts, and fabrics bikinis are made of. So, here, take a look of my picks (some are from sales, so just click on the links, they will lead you directly to the product!).

Saturday, 4 July 2015

the ones that inspire

It's the fourth day of the #30daywriter challenge and it is really challenging. Not that I have nothing to write about, but I usually write a post when I feel like it, when I know that the content I am going to share will be relevant and hopefully fun or interesting to read. I would never want to publish anything out of "just because". Even if I'm still such a newbie at this, I'm no Kristina Bazan or Gwyneth Paltrow of blogging, I want my posts to be as accurate and sincere as possible. It's not an excuse, just because you're new, to provide blog posts with close to zero significance and content. If we all want to get good at something, we have to work for it, put ourselves in it and try to get out the best results as possible. Practice makes perfect, so probably in 2 years time, going back to your first posts, you will see how much you've evolved and in what kind of a writer you've grown in. I wish to see this change and not be embarrassed by what I wrote or angry at my past self.
For this post I would love to actually mention my favourite bloggers of all time from whom I get inspiration for my writing and fashion choices. I pay a lot of attention to take something from everyone but never to copy, because nobody likes copycats. It shows immaturity, lack of inspiration and creativity and unreliability. To be creative is the easiest and the thoughest thing in the world, so never steal others' creative works and creations. If you're lacking inspo, find some or more places where to draw it from. So now I'll show you a few places and blogs I draw mine from.
(photo from Design Love Fest, ice creams because it's still freaking hot and has yet to reach it's peak tomorrow, and check out Design Love Fest website, they have many super cool and fun desktop wallpapers to download!)

Friday, 3 July 2015

11 things ...

 It's day 3 of #30dayswriter challenge and it's still hot, in every possible way. The ice cream that I documented on my Instagram, melted in no more than 2 minutes. Can we just make it a national holiday here in Germany and all go together to have ice cream and jump in the pools and not do anything that requires tight and long clothing and pants? Thanks. 
For my third day of the challenge I decided to answer the blogging meme I was tagged in by the sweetest blogging family Tin Box Traveller (click on the link to read their post of "11 things"). 

 click on read more to see the questions and my answers - 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

it's the heatwave talking

Day 2 of #30daywriter. And it's hot out here. Everyone's melting. Ok, no, not yet.
By browsing through different blog posts, trying to find some inspiration for a new blog post for this blogging challenge. Why not introduce a new kind of post?!  The inspo taken from the lovely Matilda from JustMeMatti. She conducted an interview with me on her blog, you can read it here.
So now I ask you something a little bit different. You interview me, like a Q&A. Leave me your comments/questions here or

on Instagram
on Facebook
on Twitter

and I will be so happy to answer them!
In the meantime, stay hydrated, don't stay too much in the sun and take care!


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

moon of my life

It's 1st July and it finally feels like summer here in Germany! With the heat wave bringing us +36 degrees, swoosh, everyone's packing out summer clothes and sweating it in the public transport! Agh, I missed summer in city!
And to celebrate, I'll be doing a challenge. It's the #30daywriter challenge that I stumbled upon on a Facebook Group for Blogging Opportunities. And since I love these types of challenges, this will combine fun and productivity. And for the first post I decided to go with something I had itching in my photo folder for a little while now :)